On Saturday 15 June, Geelong Green Left organised a meeting in Melbourne to unpack “How Zionism weaponises anti-Semitism” by Amin Abbas, a Palestinian activist with Free Palestine Melbourne, Naschon Amin a former IDF soldier and now anti-Zionist activist and Sue Bull, National co-Convenor Social Alliance.

Then nature of the occupation and what it means for the Palestinians was discussed. The brutal and indiscriminate slaughter, mainly of women and children in Gaza was specially highlighted.

The notion of two state solution which Australia says it supports was brought up during the discussion and it was made it clear that there was no way that this could be implemented, given the past history of the Zionist state and the current thinking of its political and military elites.

Such meetings that reflect the concerns of Australians for the plight of Palestinians give courage to those fighting for peace with justice in support of the rights of Palestinian people.

It is important to provide information, highlight suffering and narratives from the view point  Palestinian people to expose the brutal treatment of Palestinians under occupation in West Bank and the ongoing atrocities being committed on the Gazan population.

As a Bosnian Muslim now living peacefully in Australia, I am aware of the genocide of my people and now seek to expose to all Australians, the genocide of Palestinians being carried out by the Israelis.