It is natural to yearn for certainty in outcomes in our daily lives. But it’s not always possible to know exactly what tomorrow may look like, or even the next few hours, for that matter. Uncertainties can evoke anxiety in the calmest of people.

The barrage of graphic footage of the negative state of the world right now is enough to send the nervous system into a tizzy and disrupt our mental and emotional balance.

The more you obsess over the uncertainties of tomorrow, the greater the intensity of the symptoms of anxiety you are bound to experience.

Take comfort in knowing that Allah has given one beautiful certainty to believers – that Allah and only Allah is the knower of all and the planner of all that ever was, is, and will be.

Ponder this for a moment and find comfort in that knowledge. Surrendering your anxieties to Allah will ease your heart and mind.

Viewing content online to remain informed about the world is okay, but obsessing on your fears related to the online content and anticipating only negative outcomes is not healthy for you and for your imaan.

Shaitan likes to feast on your mind’s chatter and expand your fears and your anxieties related to how you are perceiving your future.  Hiswork becomes easier when you are in that state of anxiety because that is when he is able to weave whispers (waswasa) and lead you further away from surrendering to Allah.

Shaitan’s whispers lead you further away from imagining a future for yourself which has happy and joyful moments. Instead, the anxiety and fears of your obsession of the uncertainties keep you in a loop of his whispers of imaginations of a grim future filled with doubts and negative outcomes.

Journaling prompts to help you imagine a joyful future

Write down your ideal life as a Muslim. Describe it in detail. Paint a visual picture with words. No one will read it.

This is your personal expression, always private and only for your eyes. Allah knows what is in your heart, what your yearnings are.

Now write them down and allow yourself to express your wishes of how you view yourself living the life of a servant of Allah.

  • What is the kind of life you would love to live?
  • What does that life look like in terms of your dwelling? Where do you live?
  • How do you spend your time?
  • Who are the people in your life?
  • How is your health in this ideal life – your mental, emotional and physical health?
  • Do you travel? Where do your travels take you and what purpose do you fulfil in those travels?
  • How is your financial situation in this ideal life?
  • How are you being of service to others?
  • What activities do you do to relax?
  • What do you do to be creative?
  • What does your spiritual connection rituals look like? How are you connecting with Allah?