The Australian Labor Party faces strong criticism not only from Muslims but also from a growing sizeable segment of non-Muslim Australian community leaders and voters.

Discontent stems primarily from what many see as Labor’s totally inadequate response to ongoing Israeli State-sanctioned massacres of women, and innocent children (15,750+; another 20,000+ are missing); deaths by deliberate starvation, and stealing of Palestinian lands. MPs witness these crimes in real time on social media.

This issue becomes a focal point due to Labor’s inaction in taking a firm stance on what is clearly a ‘genocide’ rivaling the WW2 genocide of Jews.

Opposition against Israel’s war against Hamas soars with 81% Australians supporting a ceasefire in Gaza; 60% Labor voters want more government action to achieve that goal, February polling found.

30% of voters would take the issue into account next federal election.

In Australia, where domestic politics intersect with international affairs, Labor’s position is increasingly a concern among non-Muslim voters who value compassion, justice and international law.

Israel has violated 28 UN Security Council resolutions (legally binding on member nations).

Primary criticism against Labor is its failure to condemn what UN Experts, International bodies, UNGA, ICJ and ICC, and Human Rights organisations, Amnesty, Human Rights International, label as Israeli genocidal acts and war crimes against Palestinians.

This glaring inaction has not gone unnoticed among voters who expect MPs to uphold principles of justice and international law regardless of geographical/religious affiliations.

Non-Muslim voters prioritising these principles increasingly feel alienated by ALP’s inaction, which is perceived to signify cowardly ‘kowtowing’ to Zionist lobbies.

This sentiment is reflected in public discourse, social media, and within the party’s own base.

Voters believe Labor’s stance has deviated from traditional Australian values of ensuring justice and ‘a fair go’ for the underdog.

Nationwide weekly marches and university student sit-ins supporting Palestinians and a permanent ceasefire, have been dominated by non-Muslims, as have public petitions and letters to PM Albanese criticising the government by community leaders, lawyers, barristers, journalists, and professionals.

Pearls and Irritations articles critical of the Labor government are predominantly authored by non-Muslims.

Continued appalling appeasement of Zionist lobbies by President Biden for Israeli pogroms against Palestinians, even when genocidal intent is clear, is apparent to all Australians. The Lobby, neocons, Israeli dual-citizens and allies now control all key US state institutions.

It should be clear to our political leaders that Australia as a sovereign nation, can no longer ally with the US in the AUKUS Pact that was never reviewed with Labor before PM Morrison signed on to it secretly without public discussion.

Criticism of the Pact is rising from Greens, Independents and Australian Citizen’s Party, among others.

In a multicultural society, political parties are expected to sensitively address international issues.

Failure to do so risks alienating not only Muslim voters, who historically support the Palestinian cause, but also the broader segment of Australians who value ethical foreign policy and moral leadership.

In response, some Labor voices call for a reassessment of the Party’s approach to the trampling of international law by Israel and the US, stressing the importance of realigning foreign policy with core justice and ‘rule of law’ values.

The ALP faces a pivotal challenge in regaining trust of Australian voters who feel disillusioned by its handling of the Palestinian issue.

Labor’s deliberate inaction not only sparked criticism from within its ranks but also alienated a growing proportion of non-Muslim Australian voters who view ethical foreign policy as a critical aspect of political leadership.

Whether the Party will take a more principled stance and action in joining the groundswell for a Palestinian state, and sharp sanctions against Israeli for its criminal acts, will shape its standing in the electorate’s eyes and success or failure in upcoming  Federal/State elections.

Time to act is now when further murders can be prevented! The dead innocents will certainly  rise to speak again on the Day of Judgement to accuse those complicit morally-compromised leaders.