Thursday 2 May marked a significant milestone for one of the Australian Muslim community’s most impactful fundraising initiatives, the Tumut Cycle Classic.

This year’s Classic was held in early January and saw 400 cyclists contest the 2024 renewal of the event which was first held in 2015.

As its name suggests, the cycling showpiece is held in and around the charming New South Wales township of Tumut, a location with a rich history and breathtaking natural beauty.

Over 400 participants contested this year’s Tumut Cycle Classic.

Located more than 400 kilometres from the bustling Sydney CBD, this picturesque hamlet of almost 7,000 residents has become the backdrop for an annual event that has not only captivated cycling enthusiasts but has also garnered widespread support from both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Dr Tarek Sari, who with the Sydney Muslim Cyclists Club founded the Tumut Cycle Classic 10 years ago and remains the event’s  treasurer and chief organiser, was inspired to create a special ‘ride’ that would not only bring together cycling enthusiasts but also contribute to the betterment of the community.

Fast forward to 2 May of this year and Dr Sari (a well-known Sydney chiropractor and founder of thriving The Back Specialist Health Clinic in Greenacre) was on hand at the Tumut District Hospital to present a brand new vein finder and trolley to representatives of the hospital from the proceeds of this year’s event.

“This takes our total to $265,000 handed over to Tumut Hospital since the Classic’s inception in 2015,” Dr Sari revealed.

“And we couldn’t have done it without the support of all our sponsors, donors, volunteers and participants.”

“The vein finder will be used to locate hard-to-find veins on people of all ages for blood tests and other medical procedures conducted in the hospital.”

The new vein finder and trolley.

“We have also dedicated a portion of this year’s proceeds to CareFlight and will be presenting a cheque to them in the near future.”

Plans are already afoot to make the 2025 Tumut Cycle Classic the best yet, in the event’s illustrious history.