You and I, we feel the pain,
You and I, we see the slain,
You and I, we hear the fear,
but they don’t feel, see or hear!

Try as they might, to bury out of sight
the truth will prevail, behind every veil.
Try as they might, to crush and crumble
the truth will be lifted, among the rubble.

Try as they might to banish and ploy
the Palestinian will to stay they cannot slay.
Through the whimper, through the wail
the truth shall reach without fail.

Try as they might, to seal the light,
the truth will rise and hurt their eyes.
They cannot dim, the Palestinian faith in Him,
when souls depart and drop at whim.

Try as they might to hush our voices down,
but the our cries get higher and never drown
and reach every city and every town.

Try as they might to win the fight
they cannot shatter and thwart the plight,
the truth will linger long and true,
through every mind of every hue,
who knows what’s right from wrong,
the more that march, more that throng.

Try as they might to hide their affair.
One day they’ll cry and despair,
when their sins will be laid all bare,
for Allah is here, there and everywhere,
who knows it all even before we share.
He is the just, the merciful, the most fair.