He said “smile it’s not that hard”

She said “come on smile!”

He smiled, she smiled

I tried smiling back

It was fake very fake

Very very fake


How do I balance my life

Between home work and activist life

As if teaching trauma affected kids was not enough

Throw a war or two in the mix Teaching kids from refugee background

Other languages and multi-cultural background

Should I teach them right from wrong

That war or genocide has to be wrong

Or just stick to the curriculum

Hide my values behind my duty

Or do I have a duty of care

Teach them truth should I even dare


I then have to transit to the nurturing wife mother, grandmother and home maker.

With the freshest smile and initiative

Making story telling  imaginative fun

The dress up games the generous feasts

The role plays and the colouring feats

The rainbow bubbles and backyard treats

The playing in the parks or the library meets

The singing the dancing

In nature the prancing

The baking and cooking

Of new recipes and the learning

The building of colourful castles

Then the joyous demolishing

In all my roles that I have to meet

With total pleasure each role I try to greet


There are expectations of all sorts

I somehow just manage to meet

Some of them I try to meet

While firmly on sand I plant both my feet

With head above water I manage my fleet


Yet deep therein remains the question

How do I make this genuine smile function

It rips me apart that some little ones

Do not have any of these joys

And some grandparents just like me

Are sobbing holding their grandkids toys

It breaks my heart to hold that pain

Try smile my way and just not refrain

Come on world we can do better

Close this bleak, dark treacherous shutter

No more war we need to emphatically utter

Take definitive action if this does not occur

Send some decision makers down the gurgler



Enough is enough

Let’s go find those lovely smiles

Frowning uses more muscles than do smiles

What lights up lives and rooms are smiles

The genuinely real and sincere smiles

Pour back our souls into our smiles

Photos and selfies also deserve some smiles

The prophet said smiling is charity

So let’s go rescue smiles with authority.