The 2nd National Qur’an Competition and prize-giving ceremony for ‎school-aged children were held in Sydney on Saturday 18 May 2024, at the Bryan Brown Theatre in Bankstown participated by a large number of contestants representing six Australian states, along ‎with their parents and many Muslim families.

A nationwide Qur’an competition was organised earlier by Al Tadhkirah Institute (ATI), an ‎educational subsidiary of the Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) during the month of ‎Ramadan.

For the second time this year, the competition attracted around 2,000 participants from ‎different age groups for the recitation segment and over 350 participants for the memorisation of 2 ‎Juz with the Tajwid segment.

This nationwide event also included over 50 institutes, 30 mosques, 70 ‎renowned Shaikhs, and many respected judges from across Australia.‎

Winners of the 2 Juz memorisation with Tajweed segment from New South Wales, Victoria, ‎Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory competed in the ‎National Qur’an Competition held in Bankstown on this day.‎

The event was moderated by Sheikh Abdur Rahman, the Assistant Coordinator of ATI.

The ‎competition commenced at 9 am with a welcome speech by Dr Rafiqul Islam, the Central President of ‎IPDC, followed by Sheikh Mohammad Abu Hurayra, the Imam of St Mary’s Mosque, explaining the ‎rules of the competition and introducing the judges’ panel.

Participants of the event listened to and ‎enjoyed the excellent Qur’an recitation all morning until the lunch break.‎

Winner of the competition receiving award

The prize-giving ceremony, which started after the lunch break, was participated by distinguished ‎guests including the Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, the President of ‎the Australian National Imams Council and Founder of United Muslims of Australia Sheikh Shadi ‎Alsuleiman, the Chief Judge of the competition and Managing Director of Albayan Institute Sheikh ‎Tarek al-Bekai, the sponsor organisation Rahim Aziz Foundation’s representative Arifur Rahman, and ‎Campbeltown City Council’s Deputy Mayor Ibrahim Khalil Masud.‎

During his speech, Dr Ibrahim emphasised that the Prophet (s) focused on building ‎worshippers with great moral character for a prolonged period of time before building a place of ‎worship, with the Qur’an being the core element of this process. Therefore, learning the Qur’an is of utmost ‎importance for Muslims.

Sheikh Shadi highlighted that on the Day of Judgement, those who ‎memorised the Qur’an and accepted by Allah would be commanded by Him to recite and proceed to ‎paradise. He said that today’s competition could be a little but important step towards that ultimate ‎success.

Dr Rafiqul Islam, on behalf of Al Tadhkirah Institute and IPDC, expressed heartfelt thanks to ‎all participants, their parents, and well-wishers. ‎

All participants in this year’s National Qur’an Competition received complementary awards from the ‎honourable guests.

Farhan Zahin from Western Australia was crowned National Champion, earning ‎a $3,000 prize alongside the award. The second place, with a $2,000 prize, went to Hafsa Butool, ‎and the third place, with a $1,000 prize, was awarded to Salman Mohammed, both from Victoria.‎

The organisers of Al Tadhkirah Institute encourage all Muslim families and individuals in Australia to ‎visit their nearest mosque/Islamic centre and explore the Islamic learning opportunities available for their children ‎and themselves.‎