Friday 10 May saw an audience of close to 400 gather at the Redgum Function Centre at Wentworthville in Sydney’s west for Maide-i Qur’an 2024. This memorable night was organised by ICMG Sydney and those present were privileged to witness the timeless beauty of  Qur’an recitation.

Islamic Community Milli Gorus (ICMG) is an organisation which provides comprehensive religious, social and cultural services aimed at teaching, practising and preserving Islam for future generations.

The evening featured two of the world’s most renowned Qaris, who delivered captivating recitations in front of a very appreciative attendance.

Sheikh Bünyamin Topçuoğlu is from the fabulous Ayasofya Mosque in Istanbul and has few peers around the world, if any, in terms of Qur’an recitation.

Sheikh Bünyamin Topçuoğlu.

Likewise, Sheikh Ahmad Bin Yusuf Al Azhari from Bangladesh is also an internationally recognised and accomplished Quari.

The evening began with a recitation by Sheikh Recep Subasi, the newly appointed Imam at ICMG Guildford Mosque.

Moderators Emin Bedirhan (Secretary of ICMG Sydney) and Yasin Cakir (ICMG Sydney Youth President)  welcomed the guests in both Turkish and English, expressing their gratitude to everyone who contributed to the event.

Sheikh Ahmad Bin Yusuf Al Azhari

Ramazan Otkun, chairman of  the ICMG in Australia, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, including the Turkish Consulate attaché for education Dr Cem Gencoglu and representatives from ICMG and other Turkish and Muslim associations.

Mr Otkun emphasised the importance of portraying Islam as a religion of peace and encouraged the youth present to emulate role models who live by the teachings of the Qur’an.

Dr Gencoglu, representing the Turkish Consul General, spoke on the significance of the Qur’an, setting the stage for the main part of the evening.

“Those of us present were indeed blessed to hear recitations from both Sheikh Bünyamin and Sheikh Ahmad,” Emin Bedirhan told AMUST.

“Their world-famous recitals no doubt left a lasting impact on the entire audience, highlighting the deeply enriching experience of listening to the Qur’an live, which among other things fosters spiritual growth and a stronger connection to faith and community.”

Sydney ICMG president Mustafa Türkmen added: “The event was an overwhelming success due to the hard work of the ICMG team (of whom I’m very proud), the response from the community and our many other supporters and sponsors including ATIZ, Aquatec Plumbing Pty Ltd, Irfan College, ALSCON, Tree Blue Tree Lopping, Guildford Spares, Honeycube and Build Alpha Kids.”

Commenting on Maide-i Qur’an 2024, sponsor Jayden Kowaider (a great young Muslim and the founder of Build Alpha Kids) said: “Build Alpha Kids was honoured to be a sponsor of an event which allowed Muslims to be in touch with the Qur’an in a physical sense.”

“As Muslims, we normally listen to recitations which are audio only – on radio, Spotify, YouTube and the like – but being there in person, we were able to see the effort that goes into reciting the Qur’an in a certain way, and beautifying it, thus allowing us to feel emotions while the Qur’an is being recited in front of us.”

Mr Kowaider also commended the ICMG on putting together such a wonderful night.

The event also saw Hasene, which is essentially the global charity wing of ICMG, launch its Qurban campaign for 2024.

Hasene is ICMG’s global charity arm. Its 2024 Qurban campaign was announced at Maide-i Qur’an 2024.

“Hasene is a global body, providing humanitarian aid in over 100 countries around the world, including Palestine,” the organisation’s Sydney president Abdulkadir Cabbadag said.

“Hasene Australia is proud to be a supporter of Maide-i 2024 and the night provided us with an opportunity to showcase details of our Qurban campaign for this year.

Hasene’s Sydney vice president Tarik Yalcinkaya enthused, “what a great night for the Muslim community!”

“It was definitely one of the best events I’ve ever attended; I brought my family along and they absolutely loved the recitations….even my 12-year old-son was visibly impacted.”

“May Allah reward all involved.”

About ICMG

ICMG represents Muslims in various societal spheres and ensures their fundamental rights are protected.

Guided by the Quran and Sunnah, ICMG believes Islam’s influence extends beyond the mosque, imposing moral responsibilities on believers in all aspects of life.

It advocates practising Islam based on Quranic criteria and Sunnah, embracing diversity in religious practices as enriching.

Members of ICMG integrate into society while maintaining ties with their homeland, striving for peace and welfare in their communities.

They act responsibly towards any issues faced by the global Muslim community (Ummah), supporting the oppressed and promoting virtues like good deeds and solidarity.

ICMG seeks solutions to economic, political and social problems through dialogue with various institutions.

Inspired by Prophetic principles: “Compete in doing good and devotion to Allah”, “The most beneficent of people is the one who is beneficial to the people,” and “Make things easy, not hard”, ICMG focuses on positive social relations.

It emphasises collective obligations like aiding the poor, fighting injustice and promoting goodness, necessitating a unified community effort.