This current monthly AMUST June 2024/Eid-ul-Adha special issue #223 marks the completion of a decade of its publication having published both print and digital formats non-stop every month, a total of 120 issues.

In addition to its print/digital monthly publication, AMUST has cultivated a strong online presence, leveraging its website and social media platforms to connect with its audience making a significant impact on the Australian community in general and the Muslim community in particular during the last decade.

It has also continued with AMUST Weekly, email newsletter published every Friday promptly highlighting the national and global news stories and current affairs as well as covering positive community events building community harmony.

Back in January 1991, the Australian Muslim Times (AMT) made its debut as a multilingual community newspaper, aiming to represent the voice of the Australian Muslim community and then by July 2014, AMUST was re-branded with a fresh identity as the Australasian Muslim Times (AMUST).

With a renewed purpose, it transformed into an English-only, full-colour monthly print and digital newspaper further enhanced with a weekly email newsletter together with online presence through its popular website and social media platforms.

AMUST operates under Seena Incorporated, a non-profit organisation committed to promoting social services and establishing multimedia platforms, self-sufficient enterprise funded by advertising and subscriptions only with the strict policy of refusal to accept financial donations.

Central to AMUST’s success is its dedicated team of volunteers with a core team at the helm, supported by a network of volunteer writers, contributors and distributors across Australia and overseas.

AMUST has been highly effective in shaping narratives with impact on the general Australian population, politicians and policy makers imparting news and views in order to  create positive change within society.

While AMUST takes pride in its role as a platform for positive news, it also embraces its responsibility to uncover the truth and fearlessly raise awareness about injustice, corruption, persecution, and abuse of power and wealth, locally and globally.

AMUST serves as a platform for diverse voices to share stories of activism, success, community support, and the pursuit of justice exemplifying the voices of the persecuted and those whose human rights have been violated, promoting peace, learning, and a demand for change.

AMUST itself as well as its team members including writers have been recognised throughout its recent 10 years history with awards of excellence by NSW Governments, Muslim community organisations as well as mainstream Australian institutions.

Following its highly successful 5 Year celebration, AMUST Seena Inc will be commemorating a decade of the Australasian Muslim Times AMUST, a pillar of independent multicultural journalism in Australia in Sydney on Sunday 15 September 2024 evening at the Highline Venue in Bankstown.

At this celebration of Ink & Impact by AMUST, it will also be honouring the legacy of the late Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad OAM, founder of AMUST for his dedicated life’s work in nurturing and building the Muslim community in Sydney.

Dr Ahmad, although a professor of mechanical engineering, was associated with AMUST from its very beginning in his volunteer capacity, driven by a passion for journalism and community empowerment and served as the Editor-in-Chief, Chief Advisor, regular columnist and proofreader for all these long years till he passed away in February 2022.

His invaluable contributions were instrumental in shaping the foundation of AMUST. His presence, prayers, encouragement, and advice will always be remembered by the AMUST team.

Please join Seena Incorporated in the celebration of “AMUST 10: Ink & Impact” marking a decade of shaping narratives & celebrating the life and legacy of Dr Qazi Ashfaq Ahmad OAM on Sunday 15 September 2024.

Early bird discounted tickets to the gala event are  available now and since the seats will be limited, we urge you to register and book now at your earliest convenience.

Zia Ahmad is the Editor-in-Chief of the Australasian Muslim Times AMUST and is based in Sydney.