Founded with a vision for the social, cultural, and economic development of the Indian Muslim community in Queensland, Association of Indian Muslims Queensland (AIMQ) encapsulates the spirit of togetherness and collective empowerment. At its core, AIMQ strives to strengthen the bonds of camaraderie with the wider Indian diaspora while celebrating and preserving the rich tapestry of Indian Muslim heritage.

One of AIMQ’s primary objectives is to promote social connectedness among Indian Muslims in Queensland. Through a myriad of events, gatherings, and initiatives, AIMQ provides a platform for individuals to come together, forge meaningful connections, and celebrate their shared heritage. Whether it’s a festive Eid celebration, a cultural event, or a community service project, AIMQ endeavours to create spaces where members can connect, engage, and support each other.

This year’s Eid-ul-Fitr dinner was held on Saturday 13 April 2024 at Australian International Islamic College (AIIC), Brisbane. It was attended by more than 300 community members, during which Imam Mohammed Al Azhari of AIIC highlighted the contributions and resilience of Muslims during Indian’s struggle for independence. During this year’s Eid dinner AIMQ also acknowledged and celebrated the achievements of community members and their children.

President of Jamiatul Ulama Australia, Mufti Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari felicitating Mr Junaid Qadri for his extensive community work.

Mr Maaz Syed acknowledged for his professional achievements by President and Secretary of FICQ.

Eid-ul-Fitr dinner 2024/1445.

Facepainting at Eid-ul-Fitr dinner 2024/1445.

AIMQ prioritises the need for genuine human connection and endeavours to bridge the gap by organising regular meetups, workshops, and social events. While such events serve as avenues for networking and skill-sharing, they are also opportunities for building lasting friendships and support networks within the community.

By representing, advocating and serving as a collective voice for the community, AIMQ ensures that the concerns, aspirations, and achievements of Indian Muslims are recognized and represented. Through engagement with policymakers, community leaders, and the wider public, AIMQ strives to create an inclusive society where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute positively.

AIMQ’s role becomes even more significant for youth of the community, especially in ensuring that future generations retain a strong connection to their heritage.  This importance of preserving cultural identity is heightened in the context of the current geopolitical political climate. In an era marked by polarization and identity politics, minority communities often find themselves at the centre of contentious debates and discriminatory policies.

AIMQ recognizes this imperative and actively engages in initiatives aimed at instilling pride in cultural heritage, fostering intergenerational and intercommunity dialogue, and providing opportunities for cultural education and expression.

AIMQ is the first and currently the only member association of Federation of Indian Communities Queensland, a federation established in 1997. FICQ’s warm welcome cannot go without mention and has strengthen our resolve to embody the spirit of unity, resilience, and progress within Queensland’s Indian community.

AIMQ’s commitment to fostering social connectedness, advocating for representation, and preserving cultural identity is paramount in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of Queensland’s Indian Muslim community, both now and for generations to come.

We invite people who are interested in our work to contact us. Together we can explore the amazing possibilities that emerge when people come together with a shared purpose. (AIMQ INC – Association of Indian Muslim Queensland Inc)