Zikraa Labs introduces Zikraa, a new app built to achieve something exceptional: connecting Muslims directly with the original Arabic texts of Islamic supplication.

While many devout followers memorize these texts in Arabic, the true essence is found in understanding and connecting deeply with their meanings. Zikraa bridges this crucial gap through, offering a unique pathway that enhances spiritual comprehension and connection.

Understanding prayers: word-by-word and English playback

At the core of Zikraa’s offerings is the word-by-word translation and transliteration, a tool designed to demystify the Arabic text and make the rich tradition of supplications accessible to a global audience. This feature, coupled with the English translation playback, ensures that users do not just recite, but also comprehend the depth of their prayers, with plans to extend language options in the future.

Innovative learning tools: Learn Deep and Interactive Quizzes

Understanding the essence of supplications goes beyond mere recitation. Zikraa’s Learn Deep feature dives into the text, providing segment-by-segment audio explanations that enrich the user’s knowledge and connection to each supplication. The Interactive Quiz further reinforces this understanding, making the learning process both engaging and effective.

Play on the go: Autoplay and Playlist

Zikraa’s Autoplay feature is equipped with essential daily recitations, allowing users to listen anytime or schedule them to play later. Meanwhile, the Playlist feature offers flexibility by enabling users to group similar supplications together according to their preferences.

Sharing Islamic wisdom socially

Social sharing capabilities allow users to spread the wisdom of Islamic tradition with ease, fostering a sense of community and shared learning. By enabling the sharing of supplications in both text and image formats, Zikraa encourages a culture of knowledge and inspiration within the Muslim community.

Download now and begin your journey with Zikraa!

Zikraa is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms, for free. Simply enter ‘Zikraa’ in the app store search bar and look for the app icon colored in teal blue, featuring a silhouette of a man in supplication in white. Or simply head to the following link to download – https://zikraalabs.com/download.