(A poetic expression of the world as I see it)

Someone tell me where?

Planets warming up,

Forests are cut down,

Wildlife’s struggling.

Humans dehumanised,

Ice caps are melting,

All life is struggling,

Life is killing life,

Arsenal is winning.

War war war is its currency,

Greed Greed Greed is its energy.

Someone tell me where?

Approaching destination postcode Earth

Power games are on, hunger games are on, all are marching on.

Some with few belongings, kids and elderly hanging off their arms.

These are their spare belongings.

Looking for any place

Where they can take their broken lives and what’s left of families.

Away from bullet ridden rooves, towns, countries, or in sinking boats.

Clinging for what’s left of life.

Someone tell me where?

Transit destination postcode Earth.

Others dressed in suits, massively strong boots.

Decide where the muscles should flex next, wherever they could.

Who’s our ally, who’s our foe, with us or without us,

How will you go? What choice do you have? Which way will you go?

Someone tell me where?

Target destination Postcode Earth.

Playground bullying?

Is that how it starts?

Where does this occur?

Let’s call it postcode Earth.

Fairness, compassion, just all forgotten.

All is fair in love and war.

Let’s call it war, lets call it terror, let’s call it religion.

Let’s frighten the living hell downright to submission.

Who will be the messenger, will you or won’t you, media?

Deal with our propaganda? What choice do you have haha

There are two sides of a story, who doesn’t know that.

There are many sides of a story, thou shall dare not show that.

The line that will sell is national interest.

Fear will sell and we will come out dressed as saviours.

WE are the developed world, what we say has to be right.

Our currency is called democracy and that’s the way it shall be.

Just as the world learnt English, they will learn democracy.

“Course there will be bloodshed, its just part of the deal.

Where again oh where? lets just call it postcode Earth

They are weak they are bombed, they are confused,

They didn’t do it but they should condemn it

Not enough they should do more.

They should turn themselves inside out.

They should wear their guts outside,

That might even look good.

While they bury their innocent kids, they should apologise too.

Where don’t all lives matter, that’s called postcode Earth.

All planets were lined up.

The sun auctioned its light to wherever killing was rife.

Earh seized the opportunity and immediately threw its hands up.

There will be youth, joy, and beauty.

But not long lasting

There will be pain in childbirth but greater joy in killing.

Earth said: “Now! That’s me and threw both its hands up.

That’s called postcode Earth.

Then came the respite, in the form of bright light.

The younger generation saw the need for resurrection.

To restore the earth to its past glory and devotion

Brought in love and understanding.

Healing through care and conciliation

Winning hearts and winning minds

Humans shall humans remind.

Of love forgiveness and being kind

Where oh where will we find the best of man and of mankind

Tumultuous destination postcode Earth!