Dr Dzavid Haveric.

Dr Dzavid Haveric’s book “History of Islam and Muslims in Australia” explores the rich history of Islam in Australia from the 9th century to the mid-20th century.

This comprehensive study reveals the early influence of Islamic civilization, Muslim explorers, and the contributions of Muslim convicts, settlers, and communities. Dr Haveric highlights the formation of Islamic discourse, the establishment of early mosques, and the participation of ANZAC Muslims in defending Australia.

The following reviews provide further insights into the significance and impact of this book:

“A comprehensive understanding of Islam and Muslim history assumes pivotal significance within the contemporary globalised milieu, particularly as the Muslim diaspora continues to burgeon incessantly.

This imperative is accentuated when considering the unique historical trajectory of Islam in Australia, a vast continental nation geographically distant from numerous other global landmasses.

While extant scholarship has contributed partially to our understanding of this subject, the groundbreaking nature of Dr Haveric’s seminal work cannot be overstated.

Representing a pioneering endeavour, this scholarly work undertakes a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter, spanning from the 9th century CE (3rd century in the Islamic calendar) to the mid-20th century.

The distinctive merit of Haveric’s study lies not only in its authorship by a preeminent scholar in the field but also in its provision of novel and original insights.

This meticulously crafted research serves as a corrective to pre-existing information, presenting an invaluable resource that promises to reshape our understanding of Muslim history in Australia.

Dr Haveric meticulously unpacks the multifaceted contributions of Muslims to the rich tapestry of ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity intrinsic to the Australian mosaic. A work of considerable significance, it is imperative reading not only for the Muslim community in Australia but also for a broader readership encompassing individuals from diverse backgrounds.

This erudite examination, elevating the historical discourse surrounding Islam in Australia, sets a discernibly high standard through Haveric’s assiduous scholarship. The meticulousness with which the study addresses a myriad of dimensions in the historical trajectory suggests that it will serve as an exemplary model for subsequent scholarly endeavours in this domain.”

– Ismail Albayrak, Professorial Fellow at the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, School of Theology, Australian Catholic University.

This review was first published in Zadok Perspectives 162: Multicultural Odysseys and Storms (Autumn 2024), 23-25. Edited and republished with permission.

“This book covers periods from the 9th century to the 1940s, throwing light on a number of themes. In its first part, the book highlights the early influence of Islamic civilisation, the early Muslim discovery of Australia as well as some early practices evocative of Islam among the Aborigines.

It includes a forgotten treasure along the shores of Australia’s Top North and the formation of Islamic discourse in the course of the first voyages with contribution of Macassans and Malays followed by their encounters with Europeans.

In its second part, the book reveals social aspects of the first Muslim convicts and free settlers in the colony. It highlights the arrivals of Afghans and Indians, and their historical contributions in Australia’s inland.

This is followed by settlement issues in Ghantowns and Malaytowns and social life there. The book presents in detail records of early mosques, Islamic festivals across Australia and the Australian Muslims’ travels for pilgrimage to Mecca.

It documents the Ottoman and Indo-Afghan communities and their important legacy in Australia. It uncovers the unique contribution of the ANZAC Muslims of various ethnic backgrounds in defending Australia’s borders, freedom and democracy.”

– Dr Abdul Khaliq Kazi, Former Professor at the University of Melbourne.

“Dr Dzavid Haveric develops a story in which he explains how Muslims have settled within the Australian Commonwealth to build diverse, multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan communities.

This comprehensive account of Islam in Australia, reaches back to 9th century Muslim records of exploration and from more recent pre-colonial times when Macassan fishermen made their regular yearly visits to Northern Australia renewing contacts with the country’s indigenous custodians.

The small but persistent presence of Muslims from the earliest days of British settlement is also part of an intriguing and still unfolding story. It is not merely an account of how Islam presents itself among other religions, but of a Muslim multi-ethnicity, with the many stories of a diverse and pluralistic faith-community.

This book will provide the reader with an insight of what it means for the vast majority of Muslims around this vast country – from Cocos Islands to the east coast – who are happy to declare: ‘Australia is my home’.”

– Dr Bruce C Wearne, Former Senior Lecturer at Monash University