On Saturday 20 April, the diligent young volunteers of Activate Youth Inc (AY) lit up Point Cook Pop-Up Park in a vibrant and bustling celebration of Eid-al-Fitr, its second-ever Eid Festival witnessing an overwhelming turnout while displaying the richness of the occasion’s festivities.

Highlights of the family-friendly event included traditional performances, face-painting, games, competitions, and delicious food.

The assortment of colourful stalls included something for everyone, showcasing local small businesses offering elegant clothing, intricate henna designs, exotic perfumes, handmade crafts, and traditional desserts.

Adding to the festivities was the array of delectable dishes, ensuring that attendees could indulge in the culinary delights of Eid.

But beyond the mouth-watering crepes and fan-favourite potato twists, the Eid Festival was not just a celebration for those within the Muslim community but an opportunity to share the beauty of Eid with the wider community.

By opening its doors to all, Activate Youth exemplified the spirit of inclusivity and cultural exchange, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to join in the festivities.

The festival owes much of its ongoing success to the unwavering support of local organisations such as IREA, UMRA, IMCV, MedicFirst, Viola Community Care, CoLocal and Wyndham Community and Education Centre, amidst many others.

Among the distinguished guests were Mayor Jennie Barrera, Deputy Mayor Josh Gilligan, Cr Hegedich, Cr McIntyre, and Cr Hill demonstrating their ongoing support for grassroots community initiatives. Local MP Matthew Hilakari also joined the festivities for the second year in a row.

Activate Youth are already looking ahead to next year’s Eid Fest, and openly invite community participation and suggestions to make the event even more unforgettable.

This call for involvement highlights Activate Youth’s purpose in fostering inclusivity, supporting local businesses, and recognising community talent.

For those inspired by the success of the event and are interested in volunteering, Activate Youth encourages all to volunteer or become a member.

To keep up to date with upcoming events, follow the @activateyouthau Instagram page.

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