Sami Hamdi, the outspoken global geopolitical analyst toured Australia during late April and early May speaking at various venues in all five mainland states of Australia specifically talking about Palestine and war on Gaza culminating in a lecture at Lakemba Mosque in Sydney on Tuesday 7 May addressing an audience of over 600 people.

Highly popular and a frequent guest on global news platforms, he also serves as the editor-in-chief of The International Interest magazine.

During the tour he emphasised the importance of the Muslim community in the West finding its voice and mobilising efforts to significantly influence the political narrative in Western countries.

Sami Hamdi proved to be a ‘hit’ with attendees of all ages.

Established in 2014, the magazine is committed to offering incisive analyses and commentaries on a wide range of global issues, spanning politics, economics, culture and current events, and with contributions from experts and scholars, it delves into geopolitical developments and their far-reaching implications.

The Lakemba Mosque lecture: “Gaza – Awakening the Community: Impact on power, media and community”, which followed an insightful khutbah also delivered by Mr Hamdi at the same location on 26 April, was informative, inspirational and at times extremely emotional, bringing some members of the audience to tears.

Especially poignant was Mr Hamdi’s recollection of the profound influence of Sheikh Omar Suleiman’s Jannah series and its personal significance to him.

Reflecting on the evening,  LMA religious affairs administrator Salim Allouche told AMUST, “in terms of guest speakers, we’ve had larger gatherings in the past, but considering that it was a weeknight and with the onset of winter, we were elated with the response from the community.”

Over 600 participants attended Sami Hamdi’s lecture at Lakemba Mosque on Tuesday 7 May.

“The LMA would like to thank Brother Sami Hamdi for making himself available to us on two separate occasions during his very successful tour and we also take this opportunity to acknowledge JBE Events and National Zakat Foundation for their support, which helped us to facilitate the hosting of  such a distinguished speaker at the Mosque.”

For all who attended, the night proved to be a memorable and enriching experience, reaffirming Lakemba Mosque’s standing as a focal point for knowledge, enlightenment and community engagement.