The Annual Gala Dinner hosted by the Australia Pakistan Chamber of Trade, Commerce & Industry was a resounding success, held at the Madison Function Centre held on Friday 19 April drawing together esteemed dignitaries, business leaders, and community members for an evening of networking and celebration.

The event commenced with a soulful recitation of the Quran by Maulana Nazir ul Hassan Thanvi, setting a serene atmosphere. Muhammad Asif, the President of the Australia-Pakistan Chamber of Trade, Commerce & Industry, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, highlighting the significant economic ties between Australia and Pakistan.

As entree dishes circulated, guests engaged in fruitful conversations, fostering new connections and strengthening existing partnerships.

Distinguished guests at the event included Dr Peter Gangemi, Mayor of The Hills Shire Council, who shared insights into the vibrant business landscape of North Western Sydney. His presence added to the prestige of the event, reflecting the strong collaboration between governmental bodies and the business community.

Another notable guest was Mr Philip Ruddock, renowned for his remarkable 43-year tenure in the Federal Parliament, earning him the title “Father of the House.” His contributions to Australia, particularly in roles such as Attorney General and Special Envoy for Human Rights, were acknowledged with respect and admiration.

Ms Julia Finn MP, Member of the Legislative Assembly and Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, represented the Australian Labor Party, emphasizing the government’s commitment to multiculturalism and sport. Her presence underscored the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive communities.

Mr Muhammad Asif, in addition to his role as President of the Chamber, exemplified the spirit of bilateral cooperation between Australia and Pakistan. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in facilitating trade and commerce between the two nations, fostering mutual growth and prosperity.

The event also welcomed industry leaders such as Mr Yasir Bin Salman, CEO of Rodd’s Hammer developer, and Mr Namir Mirza, owner of Lal Qila restaurant, both of whom have made significant contributions to their respective fields, enriching the cultural and culinary landscape of Sydney.

Mr Qamar Zaman, the Consul General of Pakistan in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, and Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, High Commissioner for Pakistan to the Commonwealth of Australia, graced the event with their distinguished presence, further strengthening diplomatic ties and promoting bilateral relations.

The sumptuous dinner, catered by Maya Da Dhaba, delighted guests with a delectable array of dishes, followed by indulgent desserts, freshly cooked Jalebee, and Masala Chai, adding a culinary delight to the evening’s festivities.

The event served as  a platform for networking and a celebration of the enduring partnership between Australia and Pakistan. It highlighted the immense potential for collaboration across various sectors and underscored the importance of fostering strong ties between nations for mutual prosperity and growth.

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