The Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) hosted the Australian Muslim Community Leaders Summit 2024 in Sydney on Sunday 12 May in Campsie and Online.

Prominent Muslim organisations and community leaders from around Australia attended the Summit to discuss important issues of concern to Australian Muslims and the future of the Muslim community in Australia, particularly during the current crises and challenges faced by the Muslim community and Ummah and the war on Gaza.

The AAM aims to serve as a collaborative platform to coordinate and enhance efforts for the common benefit of the Australian Muslim community. Further, the AAM continues to stand with and contribute to the broader Australian society.

The Summit focused on the key areas of working together during difficult times, particularly the current war on Gaza and the ongoing aggression by the Israeli occupying forces on the Palestinians, a framework for Political Engagement and Advocacy, and the Role of Media & Social Media.

This includes the serious concern in relation to the rise of Islamophobia, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Arab and Anti-Palestinian sentiments. The Summit also launched the Muslim Community Fund (MCF), the first of its kind in the country.

The AAM is currently comprised of over 220 mainstream Muslim organisations from all Australian States and Territories. It is open to all mainstream and representative Muslim organisations and individuals active in the Australian Muslim community.

The Australian Muslim Community Leaders Summit and participants have agreed and supported the following motions and outcomes:

1- The Summit emphasises on the unity of the Muslim community and the importance of collaboration amongst Muslim organisations, leaders, and Imams.

2- The Summit acknowledges and understands that each individual and organisation may have their own views, initiatives, and objectives. However, we all believe in the importance of working for the common good and interests of the Muslim community, supporting one another, and standing in solidarity with each other. At the same time, we respect the different views and opinions of others.

3- The Summit rejects any form of division or disunity in the community and will exert all efforts to unite the community.

4- The Summit commits to supporting and advocating for the Palestinian people and their rights and urges all Muslims to continue in their advocacy for Palestine and justice for the Palestinian people.

5- The Summit calls on the international community and the Australian government to demand an immediate cessation of the Israeli offensive on Gaza, an end to the siege of Gaza and to condemn the illegal occupation in the Westbank, the aggression, the war crimes, the genocide and the massacres committed by the Israeli occupying force.

6- The Summit welcomes the recent shift and Australia’s vote in favour of the UN General Assembly resolution for the change of the membership status of the State of Palestine.

7- The Summit calls on the Australian government to immediately recognise the State of Palestine before the next federal election.

8- The Summit stands firmly in solidarity with university students in Australia and around the globe who are encamping and protesting against the inhumane conditions in Gaza, and commend the brave university students who have peacefully protested in solidarity with Gaza.

9- The summit calls on all Muslims, Palestinians and human rights advocates to join their fellow Palestinian brothers and sisters, and the global community to commemorate the 76-year anniversary of the Nakbah (The Catastrophe), next Wednesday, 15 May 2024, which involved the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and obliteration of Palestinian communities as a means of establishing the State of Israel in 1948. Over 750,000 Palestinians were either forcibly expelled or fled their homeland.

10- The Summit raises serious concerns over the rise of Islamophobia, anti-Muslim, and anti-Palestinian Sentiments and calls upon the Australian Government to recognise the danger of Islamophobia, anti-Muslim, and anti-Palestinian Sentiments and to protect the Australian Muslim and Palestinian communities and their institutions during these pressing times and high tensions.

11- The Summit calls upon community members to report any Islamophobic, anti-Muslim, and anti-Palestinian incidents and or any biased articles or reporting against Islam and Muslims.

12- The Summit acknowledges that the Australian Muslim community is part and parcel of the Australian fabric, the importance of safety and security for all Australians and that all Australians have an equal right to voice and advocate their opinion and policy change. The Australian Muslim community has an equal stake and shared interest in policy changes of government and decision-makers and the future and direction of the country.

13- The Summit calls upon the Muslim community to voice their concerns and be politically and socially active by advocating the interests of the Muslim community and supporting those that support their interests and stand for the rights and justice of the Palestinian people, especially during state and federal elections.

14- The Summit calls for transparency and accountability of Law Enforcement Action; this includes the recent events in Sydney. The Summit rejects any racial and religious profiling and seeks justice and equitable treatment.

15- The Summit calls for a revision of Australian Terrorism Laws to eliminate the classification of “religiously motivated” terrorism.

16- The Summit launched the Muslim Community Fund (MCF), Australia’s first collective fund established by the Australian Muslim community to empower its most pressing strategic needs. Owned and built for the community, the fund strives to advocate, on all fronts and levels, for the best interests of all Australian Muslims for this generation and future generations.

17- Finally, the Summit is committed to the unity of the community, preserving the mainstream understanding of Islam and supporting and standing for social justice and rights for Muslims in Australia.