Anthony Albanese today is PM of a country fast losing its sovereignty and independence. Albanese,  who co-founded the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, has become a wooden figure unresponsive to pain and death rained on his erstwhile friends by Israel, with whom he maintains ‘solidarity.’

Massacring tens of thousands of Palestinians and deliberately starving them to death, is a classic case of genocide awaiting ICJ’s final declaration, while US and UK governments backing Israel, a terrorist state, are full accomplices of Israel’s open crimes.

Paradoxically, these countries put no constraints on Israel’s use of lethal weapons to the extent we know that zionist lobbies control these governments’ foreign and military policies.

It’s also clear that no change of government to the leading opposition would alter this since in both countries ruling and opposition parties are beholden to zionists.

Is this also the case of Australia? It seems both the Labor Government and Coalition Opposition are fully in Israel’s camp. This is extremely dangerous to Australia’s sovereignty!

In the case of the Opposition, as an elitist party, this aligns with their supremacist ideology.

However, the case of Australian Labor is surprising since they were once a party that cared for human rights and ‘a fair go.’

They freely supported Israel’s establishment in 1948 due to sympathy towards Jews for the war-time holocaust. However, Labor show little sympathy to Palestinians in the same position today!

The great surprise is that while Labor on assuming government in 2022, immediately reversed recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and increased UNRWA funding, it now, even after seeing the depths of Zionist depravity in Palestine, doubled-down in its support in not sanctioning Israel.

This suggests conversion of Albanese and Penny Wong to become Israel’s supporters before the 2023 Labor Party Convention where discussion on Israel-Palestine and AUKUS was taken off the agenda.

This avoided the expose that many Labor members are appalled with the PM and FM positions on these issues. A recent public letter was signed by over 50 current and former Labor MPs urging Australia to re-assess its relationship with Israel.

Israel Shamir, a Jewish convert to Christianity, outlined in his Pardes, the nature of ‘Mammonites,’ non-Jews who empathise with Zionism and admire Israel.

Donald Trump, Tony Blair, and Keir Starmer are prime examples. We don’t see Albanese as of this ilk as he once genuinely supported the working class. Neither is he a Christian Zionist.

Let’s evaluate key factors that could explain Albanese’s conduct:

Misguided by biased media and Israeli propaganda lies: This is untenable for an Australian PM to be unaware of the scale of Israeli’s atrocities as he should be made aware of the true situation by ASIO. Our agencies would be able to expose Israeli deceptions.

Majority pressure from other Labor colleagues who support Israel: This factor offers a partial explanation.

Ever since Zionist-promoted candidate Bob Hawke became PM, Labor developed a close but not subjugated relationship with Israel.

Today, Mark Dreyfus, Bill Shorten and Josh Burns, promote Labor’s relationship with Israel. However, this alone can’t explain Albanese’s strong Israelophilia.

A formidable Australian-Israeli ‘defence’ arrangement constrains the Australian government from action against Israel: During Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership following Netanyahu’s 2017 visit,  cooperation increased with the signing of MOUs on security and defence industries, annual joint ‘strategic’ talks, and placing a Defence Attache in our Tel Aviv Embassy.

All this despite Israel’s location far from Australia’s borders.

Obstensibly, Israel has become the sixth eye additional to the well-known Five Eyes Intelligence Sharing Agreement (US, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ) that basically presents each ‘Eye’ as member of a potential or existing military pact.

The AUKUS agreement strengthens Australian-Israel connections since the USA in military and foreign policy fields is dominated by Zionists.

Consequently, as close ‘Allies’ do not often criticise each other, Albanese rejected all calls for any significant actions against Israel such as sanctions or prosecuting Australian IDF members.

On the contrary, Israel’s directives were acted upon:
1) Suspending UNRWA increased spending in line with Israel’s ‘slap to the face’ for the ICJ’s genocide ruling
2) New Agreement with leading Israeli military technology company, Elbit, with $917 million in Australian subsidies, and
3) New Australian sanctions targeting Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

The latter was facilitated by shared Israeli intelligence. Australia also acted as loyal ally of Israel by providing intelligence from Pine Gap surveillance station, thereby assisting the IDF to kill Palestinians (Cronau).

Israel even receives raw SIGNIT intelligence from the US National Security Agency, including data about Australians, without being agreed to by Australian authorities (Baldino).

Albanese is further pressured in this direction by the Australian Zionist lobby, sizeable political donations, powerful influence of Murdoch media – spokes-piece for zionist views, and even the ABC promotes official Israeli false news (eg beheaded babies, victims themselves faulted in flour massacres).

Albanese shows lack of foresight and non-realisation that his faulted leadership on the Israeli-Palestinian genocide will likely engender his government’s demise in the next federal election.

Principled Labor MPs could not be blamed for considering resigning to stand as Independents.

Indeed, Albanese, in “refusing to take any action that may positively contribute to stopping the genocidal campaign in Gaza,” nor to safeguard Australia’s sovereignty, is unsuitable to remain as PM.

Similarly, the US and UK lacking in moral fibre in supporting genocide, are unfit to be Australia’s allies.

The AUKUS agreement should be jettisoned, while Australia develops closer national security arrangements with its more principled East Asian friends and neighbours.