For over 75 years, Palestinians have been forcefully stripped of their land, homes, and human rights. For over 75 years Palestinians have suffered under the constant oppression of the Israeli government. For over 75 years, Palestinians have been subjected to war crimes, ethnic cleansing, mass murders and starvation tactics in the name of collective punishment.

Since 7 October 2023, over 31,000 Palestinians have been mercilessly slaughtered. However, this genocide did not start on 7 October. The media continues to deny the Palestinian genocide, I hope that arguments will open your eyes to the wrongdoings occurring to the Palestinian people and understand that this is genocide, not a political game.

This injustice is apparent when a representative of COGAT tweeted that there is ‘no hunger in Gaza’. However, the scenes coming out of Gaza tell us otherwise.

Did you know over 800,000 Palestinians in Gaza are said to be facing death by starvation? (Shamala, 2024) Starving to death is one of the most horrific and cruel ways to die.

Israel is purposely starving Palestinians in Gaza! The United Nations stated that a quarter of Gaza’s population is “estimated to be facing catastrophic levels of deprivation and starvation.” (Riga, 2024)

Does this not sound like genocide to you?

Over 500 aid trucks used to enter the Gaza Strip every day before October 7th, now, less than 170 trucks enter per day. This is not enough for the 2.4 million helpless people trapped in Gaza. These trucks contain food, water, medical necessities and basic needs essential for human survival.

Imagine looking to the sky wondering if the objects raining down are bombs or food. Many countries around the world have begun air-dropping food into Gaza, Al Jazeera News reported that 5 people were killed as parachutes attached to aid packages failed to open. Al Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud expressed,

“Not only are they confronted with the lack of food and medical supplies, but as they wait for packages of food, they are either targeted by the Israeli military or killed by non-functional parachutes.”

How can we let such dehumanising acts be inflicted on human beings who are the same as you and I? Rule 53 of the Geneva Convention states that ‘The use of starvation of the civilian population as a method of warfare is prohibited.’

Why hasn’t Israel been condemned for this war crime? or any of the other barbaric crimes they have committed? How much longer must Palestinians suffer?

Are you aware that more than 10 children a day lose a limb in Gaza? More than 1000 children have had one or both legs amputated. If these statistics made your skin crawl, what would happen if I told you that most of these operations took place without any anaesthesia or painkillers? Would you be able to bear this?

Did you know that the 13,500 children that were killed in Gaza in the last 5 months exceeds the number of children killed in worldwide conflicts in the last 4 years? Look at these numbers and tell me that this is not genocide.

Israel insists that its ‘war’ in Gaza, ‘was a legitimate defence of its people and that it was Hamas militants who were guilty of genocide’. But do you think this is true?

If this was a war or a conflict, that would mean that two armies are fighting. But all we have seen is an occupier and occupied. What is being broadcasted through our phones and TVs is not a conflict, it is genocide.

We see how two-faced the world is. Let’s take Ukraine as an example. Ukraine has been proudly fighting back against the Russian invasion. The media portrayed Ukrainians as freedom fighters and people with immense courage.

But as Palestinians fight back, they are represented as terrorists and bloodthirsty animals for rightfully defending their land. For over 75 years, Palestinians have suffered from constant bombardment, gunfire, displacement, and poverty.

This is the 21st century, large-scale killings are not acceptable. Aid workers are mercilessly killed. Emaciated babies take their last breaths as their future deteriorates in front of them.

Young orphans rummage through rubbish to find any last scraps of food. Five-year-olds with their whole life ahead of them express no desire to live (Doctors Without Borders, 2024). Is this a reality that any child should face?

We promised never again after the atrocities committed in 1941 during the holocaust. We said never again to mass genocide. We said never again to ethnic cleansing. But look at where we are today. History is repeating itself in Palestine.

Can you bear to hear the screams of the Palestinian children?

Aaron Bushnell, an active-duty member of the US Air Force, self-immolated himself to make people understand the degree of hardship the Palestinian people are facing.

The media is now making a mockery of his extreme form of protest, but have you thought that maybe he did this because he was desperate?

Maybe because the world isn’t listening? More than 30,000 bombs dropped. Over 200,000 buildings dismantled. 25,000 women and children murdered. If this is not genocide, then what is this?

Aaron’s last words were “I will no longer be complicit in genocide.” I leave you with this final question, will you be complicit in genocide?