Muslim Girls Grammar School (MGGS) held its 4th annual Mother and Daughter Iftar at the Grand Royale in Granville on Tuesday, March 26th. Notable guests included keynote speaker Ms Assala Sayara, Deputy Mayor Ms Ola Hamed, and Member for Granville Ms Jula Finn MP.

This special event was initiated to provide mothers/carers and daughters with an opportunity to connect with one another outside of home. It is a wonderful way for mothers from the School community to forge friendships whilst the daughters enjoy an iftar with their friends. MGGS staff also brought along their mothers and daughters to the Iftar. A wonderful evening that aims to Insha’Allah strengthen connections at MGGS.

Year 11 students Aaliyah Shirazi and Layla Elmir served as the event’s MCs. The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Ms Sayara delivered an inspiring speech, sharing her personal journey and her role as a prominent Palestinian activist. Ms Hamed encouraged the attendees to pursue their dreams and aspirations. The formal proceedings concluded with a talk by MGGS Islamic studies and Quran teacher, Ms Rania Ghamraoui, discussing the importance of Ramadan. Ms Ghamraoui also spoke about the special relationship between mother and daughter and the importance of respecting your mother in Islam.

The event wrapped up with an engaging and competitive Kahoot session, testing the students’ knowledge of Islam.