The 3rd National Muslim Community Annual Iftar 1445H was held in Sydney on Thursday 28 March 2024 at Orion Function Centre, Campsie  hosted by the Alliance of Australian Muslims (AAM) in partnership with the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC).

The event highlighting the plight of People in Gaza-Palestine was attended by Muslim community leaders and Imams, to break fast together, showcasing the unity of Australian Muslims and stand in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the fasting month of Ramadan.

Israeli Occupation and relentless killing of innocent people in Gaza amounting to genocide continues, now in its sixth month in gross violation of international laws and UN resolutions while Western powers including the US unable exert pressure on the Netanyahu government to cease fire.

Unlike the first two National Muslim Community Annual Iftars in 2022 and 2023 that were attended by high profile Australian government officials including governors, the Prime Minister, NSW Premier, ministers and politicians from all political parties, none were invited this year showcasing the community’s protest for a highly biased pro-Israel policy ongoing even after six months of the genocide of Palestinians.

The formal program commenced after Iftar and Maghreb prayer with a welcome by the MC, Khalid Mousa followed by a moving recitation of the Quran.

ANIC President Imam Shadi Alsuleiman speaking on behalf of the hosts and the Australian Muslim community  described the trauma that the community, including the children were going through as a result of graphic details of killing, maiming, starvation coming out of Gaza.

“Our hearts are broken while we break our fast and our brothers and sisters in Palestine starve in the month of Ramadan, but we have shown our unity and solidarity for the people in Gaza and will continue to do so advocating for their human rights,” Imam Shadi said.

The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamad during his address boldly criticised the hypocrisy and double standards displayed in Western capitals and inaction by Muslim countries to save the people of Gaza from an extremist right wing regime and state terrorism by Israel.

Ramia Abdo Sułtan, legał adviser to ANIC and a Palestinian presented her keynote address saying that Gaza will always be remembered by us now and our future generations, their plight etched in the minds of old and young, women and children globally and in Australia.

Bilal Rauf Spokesperson for ANIC updated the community leaders on the state of discrimination laws both federal and state and pleaded for strategic advocacy and engagement safeguarding the interests of the Muslim community rather that emotional outbursts.