At a time where unity and positivity are more crucial than ever, the Moving Forward Together (MFT) association is proud to announce its ambitious initiatives for 2024 seeking to amplify its mission to challenge racist, discriminatory, and extremist notions, while offering a transformative path toward a more inclusive and harmonious society. 

MFT’s Key 2024 Initiatives:

  1. Expansion of Harmony Day Competitions: MFT introduced a new Short Film competition alongside its successful Harmony Day Poster and Songwriting competitions in 2024. The Harmony Day competitions are an annual contest since 2005, open to school students in Australia. Students are encouraged to submit poster art, a song, or a fictional or documentary short film on the theme; “Harmony – what can we do?” to be eligible for prize money. This year’s competition invites nationwide creative expressions. A Prize Giving Ceremony is held annually at the NSW Parliament House, in the presence of dignitaries. The 2024 competitions are now open. Details at MFT website.
  2. Stop Racism Now (SRN) Campaign Kick Off: Launched [in 2023] by the NSW Premier, the Hon Chris Minns, the SRN awareness campaign offers practical solutions to fight rising rates of racism in Australia. This year, SRN is expanding its reach with a Grass-Roots Ambassador program that empowers organisations and individuals to become Ambassadors against racism in their workplace, educational institution, or community. The core message is to look at the individual and not brand or stereotype people. Supported by the MFT Ambassador kit, which includes a vision statement for prominent display along with T-shirts, caps, and banners, Ambassadors are equipped to raise awareness through social media or to coordinate Harmony Walks during Harmony Week. Additionally, they are encouraged to share information about these initiatives in their place of work or study via talks or mini presentations. To register interest in the Ambassador program, visit MFT website.
  3. Harmony Walks Added to Rugby League Program: MFT expands Harmony Walks into the National Rugby League (NRL)’s ‘In League In Harmony’ program, promoting inclusivity within the rugby league community. The Harmony Walks program seeks to bring together Australians from diverse national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to walk to build an inclusive society. It also has the support of the AFL Sydney Swans. Details at MFT and NRL website.
  4. Launch of The Sounds of Harmony Concert Series: Scheduled for August 2024, The Sounds of Harmony is a series of concerts performed by a range of multicultural groups to demonstrate our ability to unite in harmony.
  5. MFT Sets 2024 Goals: In 2024, the organisation is setting fresh goals with primary emphasis placed on securing funding. MFT seeks to optimise operations, expand the competitions into other states and nationally by 2025, refresh technology, and enhance public awareness. Core strategies involve innovative technology, extending presence into new regions, and marketing the competition through a range of new channels.

Call to Action:

MFT invites individuals, schools, institutions, and communities to actively participate in the Harmony Day Poster, Songwriting & Short Film Competition, engage in the STOP RACISM NOW campaign, and join the organisation for a more inclusive society. For details, visit MFT website