The Indian Minority Education Society of Australia Inc (IMESA) held a fundraising Iftar on Sunday 17 March 2024 at The Bowman Hall in Blacktown with well over 300 people in attendance.

The program commenced with Quran recitation and Ramadan talk by Moulana Abeer ul Hassan Thanvi, a locally raised Imam, educated in South Africa. He emphasised the importance of education for Muslim children and appealed for giving zakat and sadaqat during the holy month of Ramadan.

MC Dr Nisa Sheriff told the audience that IMESA aims to increase the educational levels of disadvantaged Muslim children in India. She quoted figures to reveal very low representation of Muslims in education at all levels.

Indian Muslims, nearly 200 million in number, are among the poorest communities in the country, having below average levels of education, and suffer from deprivation of their basic needs.

Current political environment is also not favourable for Muslims in India and therefore education is the only tool which will improve their socio economic condition.


NSW Minister Mr Jihad Dib MP in his video message for the occasion applauded IMESA’s efforts.

He remarked that Ramadan was different this year due to atrocities inflicted on people of Palestine in Gaza calling for immediate ceasefire.

He was appreciative of the fact that with in a few years since he had attended IMESA’s launch programme, IMESA has achieved DGR status proving that IMESA must have done quality work and congratulated IMESA for this achievement.

Mr Dib said that the first word revealed to the holy Prophet (s) was ‘Iqra – Read” and it was important that all Muslim children achieve education and in countries like India, poverty should not stop them from going to school. IMESA’s role in doing so is of extreme importance.

During fund raising, a few video clips from IMESA run classes in various parts of India showed how tutoring at IMESA run centres improved the educational performance of these children. The children, parents, and teachers told their stories and experiences and extended their gratitude to IMESA for their continued support .

IMESA is continuously expanding its programmes to more cities across various states of India. Currently IMESA projects are running successfully in Vadodara in Gujarat, Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Boisar in Maharashtra, Hyderabad in Telangana, Dehradun in Uttarakhand, Bangalore in Karnataka and Dinajpur in West Bengal benefiting hundreds of the disadvantaged children and their families.

The fundraising call was very well received by the attendees who generously donated to the cause.

The fund raising team consisted of Dr Nisa Sheriff, Dr Sofia Khan,  Mr Zahid Jamil, Dr Syed Aslam Shaheer, Mr Shahnwaz Ali, Mr Parveen Jang, Mr Asad Farooq,  Mr Taufeeq Shaikh, supported by a team of volunteers.

Mr Zahid Jamil applauded the patrons for their generosity and thanked  the team members and the volunteers for their tireless efforts.

IMESA seeks to improve the lives of these families through promoting education, both encouraging children to stay at school, and encouraging parents of child labourers to enrol their children at school.

It is achieved through educational campaigns, providing additional financial support for families (school fees, uniforms, compensation for lost income of child labourers), and providing after-hours study spaces and tutoring support.

By providing vulnerable children with an education, IMESA seek to improve their future employment and economic opportunities in order to improve their overall socio-economic status, and ultimately pass on these benefits to their families and the broader community.

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All donations to IMESA are tax deductible.