IHuman celebrated its launch in a remarkable ceremony in Sydney organised by its ambassadors on Friday 29 March 2024 at Bowen Hall, Blacktown.

In an era where the voice of the youth is both increasingly vital and incredibly undermined, the birth of IHuman Ltd marks a significant milestone in the realm of charitable organisations.

Founded with the core ethos of empowering young individuals, and shaping the aid sector to limit the need for aid, IHuman Ltd envisions a world where every young person is equipped with the tools and resources to choose the future, they want to live in.

The inauguration of IHuman Ltd is not just the commencement of another charity but a beacon of hope for countless youths seeking guidance, support, and opportunities for growth.

The four projects launched in the event were Saving the Future aimed at initiating youth empowerment, Losing a Loved One for funeral support, Healing the Hearts, for the refugees from Palestine in Australia, and General Sadaqah, which is the on-going charity.

The founder of Ihuman Ltd, Sheikh Youssef Shabaan recognised the urgent need for a platform that not only amplifies the capacity of young people but also actively works towards dismantling barriers that are caused by the lack of empathy and consideration of the decision makers of today creating capacity for unimaginable humanitarian crises.

“In the world where youth is focused on technology such as iPad, iPhone, we want to remind them of our core of being human. That is why we are called IHuman,” Sheikh Youssef Shabaan said.

He further said that at IHuman we have no volunteers but ambassadors, and our purpose is to make sure that we support the youth to make a better future.

The youth voice represented by Khadija Nawab, a strong and compassionate ambassador of IHuman, spoke about the issues that youth is enduring and the hope that this initiative provides for them. The feeling was resonated again and again by multiple ambassadors in attendance.

Sheikh Omar El Banna reiterated the importance of the initiative and encouraged the attendees to participate in the much-needed cause and the projects launched.

The launch was hosted by Somaya Hatami, and the floor was managed by Waseem Wahedi and Zaina Rouqa. The participation of young ambassadors in the event was a clear manifestation of what IHuman is here to do.

The event was co-sponsored by MCCA with the media partner Your Media Sydney.