We now have blood on our hands.

We go support Israel with weapons.

Our diplomacy is so well dressed.

Our support is with super-powers.

We don’t question our alliances.


Why believe in moral values.

Precious to us are diplomatic values.

Power play and economic values.

We sponsor terrorism, without calling it that.

We are not terrorists, are we?


Say lives of hostage are more important than those of certain civilians.

All we say, attack Hamas.

Who cares what that means, it might affect civilians!

Of course, it might affect hospitals, schools, and elderly.

It may crush some aid workers, rescue efforts, journalists, or health care workers.

If we even thought that they are humans, we wouldn’t do it would we?

So now we have blood on our hands, real blood on our hands.

Shame and sad to have so much blood on our hands.

Thanks to all the decision makers.

Thanks to Mr Albanese, Mr Bidon, Mr Modi, Mr Putin,

You have blood on your hands.


Hey there Mr Netanyahu, you normalise violence and genocide.

Alongside that, you have so much pride.

Ask the Ukrainians or the Palestinians.

You have made courage stand tall.

You are cowards, who have chosen your fall.

As if that was not enough.

You put blood on our hands.

All you have is power.

Don’t you think it’s over,

So much destruction everywhere.

Created by your thirst for power.

Thirst for war and thirst for fame.

Stop this silly dominos game.