What is next when the month of Ramadan is over?

Do we emerge ourselves into the enjoyment of Eid with exotic foods and expensive clothes?  Do we start a new chapter in life after the Eid celebrations that has no influence from the training in the month of Ramadan?  Do we ask what we have learned from the training from fasting and we should carry on those teachings beyond the month of Ramadan, in every month, in every day, in every minute, and in every second.

What do we learn from fasting in the month of Ramadan?

We learn many things including:

  1. Become conscious of  Allah’s judgement for which we abstain from eating and drinking to obey Allah’s orders despite our hunger and thirst when food is available in our kitchen.
  2. Learn to be aware that Allah knows what is open and secret in our life, that is why we do not eat or drink secretly when people cannot see or police cannot catch, or the law and order will not punish us, but we practice the belief that Allah will make us accountable in His court on the day of judgement if we disobey His commands.
  3. We practice patience and despite our hunger we do not give up Allah given duties and we happily go through the hardships with our total devotion to obey Allah’s commands.
  4. We go through pain of hunger to feel compassion for the hungry people to learn to be generous and to share with the vulnerable people in order to build a happy society in this planet.

We should carry these lessons after the Ramadan through the Eid to continue to be conscious of Allah’s judgement and to obey Allah’s commands by doing good actions and to avoid sinful actions to be saved from Allah’s punishment and overall to be kind and compassionate to our fellow humans.

If we can further integrate the training of Ramadan beyond into our day-to-day practices then we can be better servants of Allah, and we can be better people showing mercy on others.

The joy of Eid should not delete our training and lessons leant during the fasting month, but Eid should  encourage us to give thanks to Allah for his bounties on us, and to be committed more to obey Allah all the time.

Therefore, let us not take Eid day and beyond to forget what good things we have learnt in the holy month of Ramadan.  and continue to practice Taqwa, righteousness and self-control.