Al-Hidayah 2024 brings the theme of ‘Al-Sohba wal-Sayr il-Allah’ – The attainment of spiritual company and onward travel towards the Almighty Creator.

You are invited to participate in this blessed journey in the company of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri at Al-Hidayah 2024, who is scheduled to deliver three talks from his unpublished compendium ‘al-Risala al-Qadriah’.

Travelling towards Allah is termed as ‘sulūk’, where the traveller is the ‘sālik’, and the path which the traveller pursues is the ‘tareeq’.

Participants of Al-Hidayah 2024 will enlist at the stage of a sālik, seeking to pursue the spiritual path towards Almighty Allah. This will include identifying and eliminating wrong attributes and replacing them with more noble and pious attributes and manners.

The journey of the sālik will commence with purification of the body, senses, mind and inner-self. Once this purification is understood and enacted then the sālik is ready to proceed on the path of sulūk onwards towards Almighty Allah.

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