In a historic collaboration between four charitable organisations, the National Zakat Foundation (NZF), Islamic Relief Australia, Penny Appeal Australia and Brothers In Need joined forces to organise “Hearts for Palestine: Beating Together as One Ummah,” a series of events to create awareness of the suffering of Palestinians and raise funds in order to support Palestine relief efforts.

Led by NZF, the national initiative unfolded through three impactful events, Melbourne on Friday 23 February, Brisbane on Friday 1 March and Sydney on Sunday 3 March 2024, each leaving a lasting impression on hundreds of attendees and many more watching live streams on social media.

The Sydney event held at Waterview, Sydney Olympic Park attracted over 800 attendees and raised an impressive $1 million, demonstrating the unwavering commitment and compassion of Australians towards the suffering of Palestinians in general and Gazans in particular.

Mona Sakkr had first hand experience in Gaza during the outbreak of the conflict while she was visiting her family and loved ones. She spoke of her harrowing experience during the bombing of Gaza.

“We were shaking and crying and screaming day and night. Non stop bombing. I still suffer from illness and sickness and allergies in my eyes because of the smoke and phosphorus.” “Alhumdullilah I’m here, but the people in Gaza are still suffering, still in the same situation.”

The resounding success of the multiple events attended by people of all backgrounds, faith and ethnicity and their global engagement through live streaming, reflected a robust and enduring support system for the plight of Palestinians suffering from genocide and living under brutal Israeli military occupation.

The events were attended by a number of recent refugee arrivals from Gaza who left many family members still under most difficult conditions back home suffering under Israeli  onslaught continuing for the last five months now.

The events also showcased a number of Gazans giving eye witness accounts of life in Gaza since 7 October, daily bombardments, killing scores of people particularly women and children on a daily basis, movement of the entire population towards the south of Gaza and further attacks on those escaping by Israeli forces.

Starting in Melbourne, where over 450 attendees came together, the momentum carried through to the heartwarming gathering in Brisbane, with almost 300 participants. These events were not only about fundraising but also about developing connections and deepening the understanding for the Palestinian cause, with notable speakers and guests adding to the dialogue.

The organisers of these series of events emphasised the importance of continuing to support the movement of hope, solidarity, and action.

As the Sydney event concluded, organisers emphasised the importance of continuing to support the movement of hope, solidarity, and action.

Together, they are crafting a powerful narrative of support for Palestine, demonstrating the strength of unity in rallying behind a cause greater than oneself.

NZF is in the forefront of providing settlement services to the Palestinian refugees arriving from Gaza with accommodation, meals, family support, trauma treatment and counselling.

How you can help

Extend a lifeline to displaced Palestinians who have sought refuge here in Australia after the ongoing war in their homeland. Help us establish a Settlement Service.
Saving lives amidst unprecedented violence. Your donation will help provide urgent medical aid and relief to those in need both here and in Palestine.
Extend a lifeline to vulnerable children in Palestine. Your support ensures they receive care, shelter, and hope for the future.
Food security, your donations will help secure food vouchers and food supplies for Palestinian refugees in Australia and those displaced within Palestine.
Bring warmth and resilience to families. Your donations help secure warm clothing, blankets and gas and electicity to cope with the harsh winter months in Palestine and Australia.
Empower amputees and those with mobility challenges. Your donation will help provide vital prosthetics and mobility aids for independence and dignity.
For further information and to contribute to ongoing efforts, visit

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