Social media activists have been sharing crucial advice on mindful shopping this Ramadan to avoid supporting products tied to Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, and companies operating in Occupied Palestine such as Nestle, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola.

During Ramadan, Muslims traditionally break their fast with dates at sunset, following the example of Prophet Muhammad (s). Dates, with their nutritional value and high sugar content, replenish energy levels after a day of fasting.

The global consumption of dates during Ramadan is immense, though exact figures are challenging to ascertain. However, it’s likely that millions, if not billions of dates are consumed worldwide during this holy month annually.

Why boycott Israeli dates?

A post by Ayesha Erkin on Instagram highlights that 75% of the world’s Medjool dates come from Israel, with 60% originating from illegal settlements on Palestinian land, as recognized by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). These settlements have led to the demolition of over 120,000 Palestinian homes.

BDS Youth Australia posted that the profits from Israeli dates are used to support these illegal settlements that help entrench the brutal military occupation and colonisation of Palestine.

Guide to boycotting:

  • Check labels carefully: Some dates labeled “Made in Palestine” may not be authentic. For example, Israeli company Hadiklaim ships dates from the Jordan Valley labeled ‘Produce of Palestine’ to Europe via Dubai.
  • Check the barcode: Products originating from Israel often have the barcode prefix 729.
  • Look out for Israeli export companies such as Medjool Plus, Carmel Agrexco, Mehadrin, and Hadiklaim. Avoid if the dates were grown or packaged in the Jordan Valley.

Brands to Avoid:

  • Jordan River
  • King Solomon
  • King Medjool
  • Carmel, Bahri
  • Medjool Plus
  • King of Dates/Juicy

Exercise caution with Medjool dates lacking a clear country of origin.

Palestinian dates available in Australia

  • Al-Rowad
  • Sultan
  • Qitaf & Yolo (NZ).

Consider purchasing non-Israeli dates from Jordan, the USA, or other sources.


  • Hescham Coffee
  • Al Aseel Food Services
  • Baba G Wholesale Sydney.

For more information on boycotting Israeli dates, visit BDS Australia:

Ramadan chocolates? No thanks!

Derya Kucukali warns on Instagram against Nestle’s Kitkat Ramadan character chocolates, urging followers to reject Nestle due to its complicity in the Palestinian conflict.

She says “This brand should not be welcome in our home at all. Nestle is on the boycott list. This is really hypocritical. On one end they are supporting and complicit in the genocide that’s happening in Palestine – Gaza and on the other hand they are trying to encourage us to celebrate Ramadan with Nestle chocolate.”

Nestle owns the majority of the Israeli food brand Osem, which operates in Occupied Palestine.