More than 1600 organisations and individuals from across the continent have come together to issue to the Federal Parliament the “Gaza Plea for a Common Humanity”, urging Australian representatives from all political backgrounds to end their support for Israel and commit to protecting the human rights of all Palestinians.

The Plea, presented in parliament on Thursday 28 March by a delegation led by Professor Stuart Rees and APAN President Nasser Mashni, calls on the government to act to end Israel’s killing, destruction and starvation of Palestinians in Gaza, and to promote a lasting peace in which Palestinians have leadership roles.

Emeritus Professor Stuart Rees, the architect of the “Gaza Plea for a Common Humanity” said, “This is a plea from thousands of Australians, of all walks of life, to the Australian Government and all federal politicians to cease appeasing Israel, and to start taking seriously the human rights of all Palestinians.”

He further added, “The Plea is about Australians speaking truth to power, and that means acknowledging the history of ethnic cleansing in Palestine, which has turned into a genocide worse than the Nakba expulsion in 1948.”

“This way of thinking and acting requires respect for all the clauses in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, thereby obliging Australia to defend the human rights of all Palestinians and insist on the dismantling of a racist apartheid Israeli state,” Professor Rees concluded.

The Plea comes as the Israeli government continues its slaughter, maiming, starvation, displacement, detention and torture of Palestinians, and its destruction of hospitals, schools, universities, mosques, churches, homes, civil infrastructure and banks in Gaza for its 167th day.

The Plea for a Common Humanity urges the Australian Government to:

  • Join 139 countries in implementing the decision of the Labor Party general conference to recognise the State of Palestine.
  • Implement the rulings of the International Court of Justice.
  • Demand a permanent ceasefire and an end to the siege of Gaza.
  • Insist on return of all hostages.
  • Consider expulsion of Israeli Ambassador to Australia, recall of Australia’s Ambassador to Israel.
  • End any Australian military support for Israel.
  • Develop plans for peace with justice in which Palestinians from all walks take a lead.