Despite early period after federation when both parties in Australia supported the white Australia policy and were blatantly anti-Semetic and racist against Asians and specifically Afghans and the Chinese as well as Pacific Islanders, the ALP has a long history of supporting Israel — even the left wing of the party including the trade unions.

This is not to say that the LNP is not even more supportive of Israeli policies.

The influence of the Israeli lobby on the Australian media and politicians supported by groups like AIJAC cannot be denied and these groups have steadily increased their lobbying efforts including taking MPs and journalists on sponsored trips to Israel and running smear campaigns against politicians who criticise Israeli policy.

Historically it was a Labor politician who was crucial to Israel’s creation. The establishment of Israel as a a state was heavily dependent on the actions of H V Evatt, a brilliant lawyer who served as Labor Attorney-General and External Affairs Minister and leader of the opposition.

When he was president of the UN General Assembly, pressures had been increasing against partition and the US State Department manoeuvred to torpedo partition expressing its opposition to forcibly implementing a partition.

This would have been in line with the recommendations of the King-Crane Commission of 1919 that recommended “that Jewish immigration should be definitely limited, and that the project for making Palestine distinctly a Jewish commonwealth should be given up.”

In early March 1948 Evatt moved the competing proposals on Palestine into two separate sub committees. This allowed a detailed partition plan to be prepared unobstructed by the Arab states.

Evatt opposed tenaciously Britain’s efforts to prevent the entire British Commonwealth from recognising Israel. Evatt’s crucial role in supporting the Zionists, was not due to his support of the US but because of the support of the Melbourne Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism.

However Israel did not welcome Evatt’s support for the internationalisation of Jerusalem.

Direct Zionist lobbying is not the only reason for Labor’s support for Israel.

The evangelical support for Israel in the US which influences US policies influences the ALP indirectly through Labour’s acceptance of Australia’s role as their deputy sherif in the Pacific region — think of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel.

This means Australian subservience to US foreign policy which is highly influenced by the Zionist lobby in the US.

The defunding of UNWRA without evidence was clearly a kowtowing to US policies as is the continued failure to call out genocide in Gaza and the ongoing atrocities in the West Bank.

There have been times when ALP policies did differ like during the Yon Kippur War.

Whitlam, whose removal had some CIA and British secret service involvement, took a more independent foreign policy including on Pine Gap which is now directly involved in the genocide currently taking place in Palestine.

The Labor left took up the Palestinian case in the ‘60’s and early ’70’s, during which Labor did have a more independent, critical position but these years were the exception to a long-standing historic commitment to Israel.

Jim Cairns called for an end to the US alliance with the support of Cameron and Uren. Cameron even said that “maniacs” were in charge of US foreign policy and denounced Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger as mass murderers.

But then Hawke came in supporting Israel and the US alliance, visiting Israel (the first Australian PM to do so while in office) and had a group of young ALP activists visit Israel although he occasionally made some sympathetic noises about Palestinians just like Albanese did in the past.

“There has been an ongoing push by the Coalition and Labor for at least a decade to make Australia one of the top tier global leaders in weapons export,” said Greens Senator Shoebridge.

“Australian leaders openly wanting to become the 51st US state for the purpose of arms production is concerning, to say the least. I doubt there has been full consideration made to the international legal ramifications of being part of the US military industrial complex and its supply chains.”

“It is implicit in the US that by accepting any transfer of military tech to Australia that we will have to follow them into a military conflict with China. If there was any question about our loyalty in willingness to follow the US in such conflicts, we would be denied access to these military exports.”

Senator Shoebridge said the move to produce US arms on Australian soil provided a loophole for the US government to bypass its own stringent congressional reporting and review processes around weapons exports.

“This move demonstrates a complete surrender of our sovereignty and removes any capacity we have to form an independent military policy and foreign policy.”