Friday 8 March saw an estimated 5,000 worshippers stand in a powerful display  of solidarity for our brothers and sisters in Gaza at the Lebanese Muslim Association’s Prayer in the Park event at Parry Park, Lakemba.

This was the second occasion since the events in Gaza on Saturday 7 October, 2023, that the LMA has closed Lakemba Mosque for Friday Jumu’ah prayer in order to host a much larger congregation in the nearby parkland, which is within walking distance of Australia’s most iconic masjid.

An estimated 5,000 worshippers were in attendance.

The oppressive early Autumn heat did nothing to deter massive numbers from attending the event which saw Sheikh Yahya Safi (Imam of Lakemba Mosque) deliver the khutbah (sermon), while another highly respected Imam Sheikh Ahmed Abdo also provided spiritual guidance and insight into the events which continue to unfold in front of our eyes in Gaza.

A collection by Feed The World, the LMA’s recently launched charity arm which it built from the ground up, raised valuable contributions for the people of Gaza.

Sheikh Ahmed Abdo

LMA religious affairs administrator Salim Allouche told AMUST, “the event was a great success and exemplifies the Muslim community of southwest Sydney’s commitment to practical support for the people of Gaza.”

“This was the last Friday before Ramadan and in addition to replacing our normal Jumu’ah observance, ‘Prayer In The Park’ served as a wonderful symbol of solidarity and compassion.”

Sheikh Yahya Safi

Drone footage of ‘Prayers in the Park’