On 9 April 2024, the world will witness an extraordinary journey as gym owner and fitness trainer, Rowah Hassan, a woman with an indomitable spirit and a heart dedicated to helping others, sets out to conquer the majestic heights of Mount Everest Basecamp.

Renowned for her philanthropic efforts and fitness endeavors, Rowah is not just climbing Everest for personal glory; she is ascending to new heights for a cause close to her heart. Rowah Hassan along with her daughter Amani Mawass will tackle the Everest Base Camp through a greulling 7 day trek in the Himalayas.

This isn’t just a climb, it’s a mission to raise funds for the people of Palestine and Yemen in partnership with Merciful Group. Please donate now to support this incredible feat. 

Rowah’s journey into the world of extreme challenges and fitness began with her commitment to charity marathons. Over the years, she has tirelessly worked with numerous charitable organisations & using her passion for fitness as a means to contribute positively to society. 

Rowah was deeply inspired by her mentor, Abdullah Tabaa, founder of the Australian National Sports Club, and encouraged Rowah to open her own gym. Rowah’s dedication to making a difference led her to establish her own gym in 2009, Burn Fitness, creating a space for women to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

She is also the owner and trainer for Fun Fit Kidz Gym and Crosspump Bootcamp Ladies Only. Rowah has also released her own activewear, @Rowraw_Activewear.

In 2015, she broke barriers, establishing the first Muslim women and girl’s soccer team in the Canterbury district which led to an immense change in Muslim women wering the hijab to be more involved in soccer. The greatest impact he had was to teach her how to be patient with “the community”. 

Rowah’s daughter, Amani, accompanies her on this challenging journey. Amani is not only Rowah’s biggest support system but also her greatest motivator.

“Amani keeps surprising me, she is God’s gift,” Rowah proudly stated. The mother-daughter duo’s bond reflects the strength that comes from family support and shared aspirations. With her daughter Amani, Rowah took part in the Amazing Race Season 4 (2019) where they learn to work together, travelling the world strengthening their bond.

The Charity Right Sydney Marathon (raised almost $7K) was “to honour the legacy and memory of my beloved mentor, Hajj Abdullah Tabaa, Allah yerhamu.” Funds raised were to provide daily meals for refugee children of various backgrounds, most of whom have a passion for sports! These funds will also help feed the children of The Faisal Cup, a refugee sports team supported by Charity Right. Rowah also took part in the Ausrelief London Marathon for the Turkey & Syria Earthquake Appeal in 2023, raising $8K. She ran over 42 Km in just under 5 and a half hours. 

Rowah was part of the Penny Appeal Mt Kuziosko climbing team in 2023. It was a harrowing experience, “we were caught in a blizzard, I was wearing the wrong shoes – my Ascics, and I thought i was going to die. I was told that it was worst than climbing everest due to the bad weather. Subhanallah the weather turned and we managed to get through it!”

The dream of conquering Everest has always burned brightly in Rowah’s heart. For the 46 year old Punchbowl resident, the mountain symbolizes not only a personal challenge but a means of channeling her energy positively when faced with life’s tests. Speaking about her dream, Rowah shared, “Whenever Allah tests me in life, I want to challenge myself in a healthy way, and it was through fitness.” For Rowah, fitness is not just about physical strength but a tool for cultivating mental resilience and endurance.

Rowah expressed how her faith has intertwined with her identity and passion for overcoming challenges. “Mentally, fitness endurance has helped me pushed my body to new boundareis where I accept whatever Allah has tested me with. It has helped me immensley in my personal life, whatever challenge I’ve been put through, Allah has given me the opportunity to overcome them.” she said.

Rowah’s approach to challenges is refreshing, as she emphasizes the importance of turning adversities into opportunities for personal growth. “When challenged, instead of doing something toxic, I put my energy into something positive,” she explained. It is this mindset that has propelled her towards the summit of Everest and inspires others to embrace challenges with a positive outlook. “My way of dealing with challenges, is to challenge myself to be better and give back to charity and to my community. Alhumduliah Allah has given me a healthy body and that is a blessing I am grateful for.” she said. 

What makes Rowah’s Everest expedition even more remarkable is her dedication to a greater cause. Rowah has always been deeply connected to her community, and she acknowledges the unwavering support she receives from them. “To do it for a great cause and the community behind me, it makes it so worthwhile,” she expressed. Rowah has chosen to climb Everest for the benefit of Palestine and Yemen, two causes close to her heart.

Her ascent is not just a personal triumph but a mission to bring attention to the pressing issues affecting these countries. Members of the community have given different responses from being expressed, to worried about the risks involved. Reflecting on this, Rowah said “I don’t let the negatives overwhelm me, I don’t overthink. When I do get comments from members of the community, I am a little taken aback and wonder – am I really doing something crazy here?”

As Rowah embarks on this epic adventure, she is seeking sponsors to support her cause. Those interested in contributing to her mission can reach out to her through Instagram, @rowah_hassan. Rowah’s Everest climb is not just a physical feat; it is a demonstration of the power of community, the importance of positive mindset, and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

In a world often riddled with challenges, Rowah Hassan stands as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that with determination, fitness, and compassion, we can overcome any obstacle, and together, we can make a meaningful impact on the world.

Rowah was a finalist for the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards (2020) as People’s Choice of the Year