In the Australian Parliamentary silence* on a Ceasefire to the ongoing Nakba of Israeli genocide over Palestinian families in Gaza, a generous invitation of friendship from the indomitable Indigenous leader, Professor Gary Foley to the Palestinian Solidarity to join together with First Nations on Invasion Day on 26-1-2024.

At this year’s Invasion Day rally, Professor Foley affirmed,

“This year is a particular historic gathering, in that, because of what’s going on in another part of the world, we have invited our Palestinian brothers and sisters [here]” and he invited Palestinian Nasser Mashni to speak,

“First Nations solidarity is not just about recognising the parallels or seeing that we strategically have more power together. It is[…] about recognising that our struggle is one. Our struggle is one, our liberation is one, our humanity is one, we are one together. Together, we can’t be defeated.”

Palestinian oppression mirrors the oppression of First Australians under similar racist colonial terrorism on colonial killing fields by ‘foreign’ governments, military and rapacious settlers perpetrating stolen land, stolen hostages into soaring incarceration, stolen identity, stolen culture, stolen livelihoods, stolen human and political rights.

But definitely unable to steal sovereign dignity which drives Palestinian and First Nation’s resistance.

While both people share the agony of occupied state terrorism, they share kindred compassion & generosity.

Compassion and generosity, are the centre of Islam integrating Muslims with Al-Rehman al-Rahim, Allah the Compassionate and Merciful. Ramadam is when the fasting body becomes the prayer ibadan of purity and empathy to transform injustice to justice and sulh-i-kul -peace and generosity -the holy welcome of communal sharing of gifts of Earth.

Generosity and compassion is instinctive and lore in First Nation’s culture, where identity and country are One:

‘What’s really important for all Australians to know is that, believe it or not, if you are born of this land, or chosen to be here, you are of this land, you have a responsibility to this land..its energies, Dreaming tracks, songlines are rightfully yours and mine where we seek spiritual direction and strength. Minmia, Wirradjurri Elder

This is extraordinary, even super-extraordinary when juxtaposed to the meanness and moral deficit of our governments to the stranger – the refugee, migrants, victims of war;

Invasion Day is an accumulation of Days of Mourning for both Palestinians and our Indigenous Peoples. We must see the Truth suffering before our eyes.

Australian political leaders are betraying Palestinian family lives, especially the children. Even the UN stated this genocide in a War on Children. The Truth is Western leaders are not civilised. Professor Foley is a civilised friend of Palestine.

And we must take the responsibility to learn the Truth-Telling of Blak history so we heal together alongside our Indigenous brothers and sisters to empower a new Australian spirit and identity.

We stand in a historic moment of spiritual empowerment -our moral conscience, intelligence and compassion must determines how we vote – to STOP us forever being accomplices to crimes of humanity and war crimes.

*Only The Greens and Indigenous Senator Lidia Thorpe immediately demanded Ceasefire. All of Labor, Coalition, Independents, small parties support the continuing Israeli war crime of genocide. In contrast the public protests against genocide in Sydney and Melbourne have gathered and grown for 14 weeks.