Saturday 20 January marked the resounding success of the 5th Mosque Open Day at the Australian Centre for Unity with hundreds of participants celebrating unity, diversity, and cultural exchange.

Event Kick-off

The doors swung open at 10 am, welcoming attendees to a day of exploration and community engagement. Afterwards, the guided mosque tour set the tone for an enlightening experience, allowing visitors to delve into the rich history and architecture of the mosque.

The main presentation kicked off at 11 am, with our esteemed MC, Dr Saifullah Akram, extending a warm welcome to the diverse audience engaging from the stage a series of impactful speeches and presentations.






Acknowledgement of the Traditional Owners: Uncle Terry Stedman graced us with a heartfelt acknowledgment of the traditional owners of the land, fostering a sense of respect and connection.

Welcome Speech by Dr Akram Hossain, Mosque Chairman: Dr Akram Hossain, the Mosque committee Chairman, extended a warm welcome, emphasising the importance of unity and understanding among diverse communities.


Speech by Councillor Jon Raven: Councillor Jon Raven from Logan City Council, Division Five, shared valuable perspectives on community collaboration and support.

Speech by Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll: Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll, Queensland Police Service, addressed the audience, highlighting the significance of community safety and cooperation discussing the importance of such events assuring of her best support throughout the event.

Speech by Zahid Hossain, QLD State President, IPDC: Zahid Hossain, QLD State President of the Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC), shared insights into fostering mutual understanding and harmony.

Speech by David Forde, Multicultural Affairs Queensland: David Forde, Community Engagement Principal Program Officer, Multicultural Affairs Queensland, discussed the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion.

Speech by Eddie Lubari, Queensland African Communities Council: Eddie Lubari, Social Affairs Coordinator, Queensland African Communities Council, shed light on the social fabric and contributions of diverse communities

Support for Palestine and unity

In a touching display of solidarity, participants from diverse backgrounds, religions, and races expressed their thoughts and support for the people in Palestine. The event became a platform for sharing perspectives and empathizing with the Palestinian struggle.

As a symbol of unity, participants, supported by Human Appeal Australia and the Queensland Multicultural Affairs grant, came together to cut a cake themed “Every Life Matters” in support of the Palestinian people. This collective act underscored the broader message of compassion, understanding, and unity that the Mosque Open Day sought to achieve.

Booth Tour

The Booth Tour at 12 pm, offering participants an opportunity to engage with various exhibits and activities, created a perfect conclusion to a day filled with learning and connection.

Quran Recitation with Explanation

The Quran Booth became a hub of intellectual exchange and exploration. Attendees, whether familiar with the Quran or not, engaged in meaningful conversations with knowledgeable volunteers. The personalised approach allowed for tailored discussions, answering questions, and creating an environment where everyone felt comfortable delving into the teachings of Islam.

The eloquent recitation of the Quran was a spiritual journey led by a knowledgeable presenter, providing insights into the teachings and significance of the holy text.

The event, supported by Queensland Multicultural Affairs through a grant, exemplified unity through education and dialogue.

Wudu demonstration

A captivating feature of the day was the Wudu (ablution) demonstration, allowing attendees to partake in the ritual washing before prayer. This immersive experience not only provided practical insights into Islamic practices but also fostered interfaith dialogue.

As a testament to unity, Human Appeal Australia, a significant sponsor of the event, played a crucial role in making this engaging demonstration possible.

Personally try on a hijab for an authentic experience

Participants eagerly embraced the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Islamic culture by personally trying on a hijab.

The atmosphere was filled with curiosity and respect as individuals, from various backgrounds, adorned themselves with this traditional head covering. It became a moment of personal connection, breaking down stereotypes, and fostering a sense of unity.

Men and women’s attire during Prayer

Participants were fascinated by the display and explanation of traditional attire worn by men and women during prayer.

The interactive experience allowed individuals to understand the cultural significance of garments like the Kufi for men and the hijab or prayer scarf for women.

This activity was aimed to bridge cultural gaps and promote understanding.

Express your individuality with henna painting

Henna painting became a canvas of individual expression, adorned with intricate designs that celebrated cultural traditions.

This activity was not just about artistry but also about embracing individuality within a communal setting. Each henna design told a unique story, further enhancing the sense of unity among participants.

Relish in a personal connection with multicultural delights

The multicultural delights served at the event, sponsored by Human Appeal Australia, became a culinary celebration of diversity.

Against the backdrop of Queensland Multicultural Affairs’ support, participants enjoyed flavors from various cultures, fostering a communal dining atmosphere.

This shared experience not only connected taste buds but also forged connections and friendships among people of different ethnicities, races, and religions.

Food tasting competition and closing

The event reached its pinnacle with the exciting Food Taste Competition, adding a delicious twist to the day. The announcement was met with cheers and applause.

Food Champions
1st – Somalian Sambosa
2nd – Egyptian Dessert
3rd- Indonesian Food







Dr Zakaria Amin, the Mosque Committee Secretary, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the presenters, participants, and organisers for making the event a remarkable success.

The essence of the Mosque Open Day was deeply intertwined with a profound awareness and empathy for the suffering of the Palestinian people. The event served as a poignant platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious beliefs to come together and express their unwavering support for those facing adversity in Palestine.

Against the backdrop of the Queensland Multicultural Affairs’ grant and the significant sponsorship from Human Appeal Australia, participants actively engaged in discussions, sharing their thoughts and reflections on the challenges faced by the Palestinians.

This collective expression of solidarity and support permeated every corner of the event, creating an atmosphere of unity where people, irrespective of their backgrounds, stood together to amplify the voices of those enduring hardship in Palestine.

The symbolic act of cutting a cake themed “Every Life Matters” further underscored the commitment to compassion and unity, demonstrating that the event was not just a cultural exploration but a heartfelt demonstration of global empathy and support.

The 5th Mosque Open Day was more than an event. It was a celebration of diversity, unity, and mutual understanding. The heartfelt speeches, engaging presentations, and enthusiastic participation of everyone involved made this day truly special.