“It’s hard to find a husband Mum…”

“Baba, I work full time surrounded by non-Muslims”

Two often heard phrases in today’s world- the reality is that more and more young people are moving out of home, working full time jobs surrounded by non-Muslims and in some cases live across the country from their families. The reality of the modern world is that meeting your other half as a Muslim in modern multicultural Australia is the most difficult it’s ever been.

Modern SBS show, “The Matchmaker’s” draws attention to Sheikh Alaa Elzokm in Melbourne’s Heidelberg Masjid and the dedication that he gives to finding suitable partner’s for Muslims in his local area. If you live across the country however, what are your options?

Modern Muslim marriage apps, can work for some people and it’s all about putting precautions in place! For example, sisters are able to hide their photos from prospective matches and can control when/if a photo is shared with the other person. The other handy tool is that a mahram can be added as a third party to conversations to ensure that everything is above board.

I’m not suggesting that people should meet without a third party or not follow Islamic guidelines- but modern Muslim marriage apps don’t have to be a place of fitna and haram if basic precautions are taken to protect yourself. Of course, another way of viewing it is simply a modern version of the old “biodata”, where parents would sit down with their kids and discuss potential matches.

If you live in one of the capital cities, then you have availability to multiple masajid (mosques), Imams and large Islamic communities; but many in regional Australia don’t and more often than not are young professionals who’ve moved away from established family members. Muslim marriage apps are simply a way to connect them with other single Muslims who are also seeking their life partner.

Do they work?

Well, according to the owners of one of the Muslim marriage apps, they have over 300,000 success stories. Considering that 60% relationships in wider society are formed from dating/marriage apps in today’s world, then that is quite a believable number considering the apps are international and have hundreds of thousands of Muslim profiles.

Also interestingly as a side note- 3/4 of the Australian success stories on that particular app are interracial marriages.

Should you create a profile? That’s completely up to you and your situation. This is not intended to be an advertisement or trying to say that it’s the most halal method of pursuing marriage. I’m just trying to draw attention to the fact, that with precautions and family support, it can be a quite legitimate way of meeting a potential spouse.