It’s been a busy couple of months at the National Zakat Foundation. As we mentioned in the previous article, our NZF Gaza program has now been in operation for the last three months and we’ll provide you with an update of where this is at.

Moreover, our NZF Back 2 School program commenced in the second week of January and has grown sustainably from its humble grassroots initiative since 2015. Lastly, the blessed month of Ramadan is around the corner with preparations in full swing.

To begin with, let’s provide you with an update on what has been taking place with the NZF Gaza program and how it all works.

The Palestinians who arrive in Australia directly from Gaza are allocated a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) with an approximate number of 800 being granted by the Australian government. As of  18 January 2024, NZF has funded 203 individual Palestinians from Gaza and distributed $183,258 in Zakat to them.

For this to be implemented, sponsors must apply directly to NZF for their family members and compliance checks are carried out to ensure legitimacy and Zakat eligibility. If all these boxes are ticked, a one-off settlement grant will be paid for each individual and thereafter a monthly allowance will be distributed for each person for the duration of their visa.

The initial grant ensures their resettlement is swift by having secure housing, groceries, clothing, medical support services and much more. Thank you for all the generous donations that have made this happen. This truly demonstrates the power of implementing Zakat locally, and we can see how this action makes a significant difference. Learn more about our Gaza Program here:

With the cost-of-living crisis, our Zakat Officers know all too well how many families are worried about having enough money to purchase new stationery, school clothes, school shoes and so forth for their child/ren. From the second week of January, a ten-day blitz has taken off to distribute over $100,000 to support Zakat eligible parent/s to alleviate some of the financial pressure to ensure their child/ren are ready for another school year.

Last year alone we assisted 385 families and in total 1123 children. This is an important initiative and communal obligation to ensure some of the most vulnerable Muslims in our community aren’t left behind because all children are deserving of a proper education.

It’s almost that time again. Yes, it’s time to get our souls ready and not our fridges and bellies. At NZF, preparation is underway to ensure families and individuals will have sufficient food to break their fast with and/or to ensure their child/ren will have an enjoyable Eid Al-Fitr.

This is now exemplified due to the cost-of-living crisis and what better opportunity to pay your Zakat and donate your Sadaqah during this blessed month and don’t forget Zakat Al-Fitr. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. Ya Allah, allow us to reach Ramadan, ameen! For more information on our programs visit: