The Gaza Genocide has not only sent a stream of innocents to their deaths, but has demonstrated to the world just what a cesspit the ruling world powers are creating.

From a run of the mill European colonial settler enterprise, Israel has become a vicious fascist military state led by religious fanatics with a distorted version of the religion it claims to represent.

Herzl, the Father of Zionism, envisaged that there would be racist Jews in the New Old Land but he thought they would be kept in check by liberal Jewish values inherited from Europe.

He was wrong. Geyer the racist Jew of his 1902 novel Altneuland now rules in Israel.

The death toll of Palestinians bears witness to the vile nature of the land Zionism has created.

Leaders of Muslim nations have been exposed

We have seen that they are in general, ruled by the same detritus put in power by the Versailles Treaties after the Great War.

After World War I, Sykes-Picot with its creation of a divided Arab world, in contradiction to what it had solemnly promised the Arabs for fighting the Ottomans, installed compliant  rulers, ensuring that European interests were served.

The unwillingness of these regimes to act over 100 years since the end of that war, shows how effective that settlement was.

Lack of effective action against the genocide has marked the Muslim nations response

Non-state actors like Hezbollah, the Houthis and Hamas are the only ones to have taken decisive action against the apartheid regime.

Turkey appears willing to act but is bound by its encirclement by potential enemies, eager to take advantage of any disruption.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have made it clear that they are willing to normalise relations with Israel once the massacre is over.

Egypt’s dictator will not allow Israel to push Gazans into Sinai despite Biden’s offer of billions of dollars. He knows his people will not tolerate it, not because he champions the Palestinians.

What concrete action has been taken against Israel has come from non-Muslim countries.

Brazil was the first to take the ceasefire to the Security Council and South Africa initiated the case for genocide before the ICJ.

The undemocratic white supremacist roots of the EU, the UK and USA have been exposed

Germany stands out as a die-hard Israel supporter, apparently not having learnt from its experience of perpetrating the Namibian genocide and the Jewish genocide, it has supported this third genocide in Palestine.

Human rights have long been a catch-cry of Europe against countries it opposes but their treachery in defending Israel while ignoring the right to life of Palestinians is exposed for all to see.

The USA and the UK are prepared to attack Yemen in defence of Israeli trade but veto Security Council calls for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Zionist tactic of concentrating its influence upon the ruling elites has also been exposed as never before.

The Israeli narrative has dominated the national discourse in Western corporate media and the Zionist lobby has tried unsuccessfully, to have anti-genocide demonstrations banned.

This has exposed the machinations of Israel, attempting to have criticism condemned as on the same level as Nazi propaganda.

Here in Australia, the Prime Minister who founded the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, gave total support to Netanyahu.

The failure of the Zionist lobby has been demonstrated

Successive votes on a ceasefire in the General Assembly have been overwhelming and thwarted each time by the US Security Council veto.

Massive and constant demonstration demanding a ceasefire and the end of the occupation in all free societies, with opinion polls showing a huge opposition to the Israeli slaughter, have served to indicate the fakery of the democracies in Europe and in the European diaspora of North America, and Australia.

Even in the USA, dominated by corporate media, only a third of the population support Israel, with a third opposed and of course the undecided make up the rest.

The Lessons we have learnt

Europe and its diaspora’s self-proclaimed devotion to human rights is a lie, as is its claim to respect international law.

Israel and its protector are becoming increasingly isolated.

The Muslim world’s non-state actors have taken a stand against the religious fanatics of the Israeli government, not Muslim governments.

Both Brazil and South Africa have taken decisive action to defend the rights of Palestinians.

The population of the world, Muslim and non-Muslim, has shown awareness and compassion, suggesting the future is brighter than the past.