The Gaza war has not only resulted in the mass killing of innocent Palestinians, largely women and children but a total misery for over 2 million helpless people with no one able to alleviate their suffering, neither the 2 billion strong Muslim Ummah, nor the 57 Muslim countries, nor the “civilised’ Western world and nor the adversaries of the West namely Russia and China. 

As Bilal Cleland points out in this issue ‘Gaza war: World-wide hypocrisy exposed’, the current world order is a cesspit, where the rich and the powerful have assumed extreme dominance over the poor and the disempowered, largely the world Muslim population.

The US hegemony over the world in general and the Middle East in particular with its bases in almost all Muslim countries boosted by its all powerful colonial proxy, the ruthless state of Israel has perpetuated dominance of ruling elites over disenfranchised masses.

The sovereignty of Muslim states is simple facade, still at the mercy of neo-colonialism remotely perpetuated by the US, able to effect regime change at its fancy and invade and destroy Muslim lands at its will.

The US, in cohort with its Israeli proxy, overtly ensures that hereditary and dictatorial regimes that safeguard its foreign policy aims, remain in power while covertly brings about regime change when its hegemony is challenged.

Jeffrey Sachs in this issue describes the classic case of soft regime change in detail, ‘The US topping of Imran Khan’, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan who was leading Pakistan towards independence from US hegemony and is now in prison unable to take part in the elections being held on Thursday 8 February 2024.

In spite of the United Nations and its human right bodies, the international courts, laws pertaining to human rights and genocidal war crimes, Israel is still getting away with murder with its killing spree in Gaza and in the West Bank.

Following the South African initiative, the International Court of Justice, (ICJ) in spite of lobbying by the rich and the powerful, with the overwhelming majority of votes by its judges agreed that Israel may be committing genocide of Palestinians and imposed provisional measures against Israel on Friday 26 January.

However Israel has completely ignored the ICJ provisional measures and the UN General Body and Security Council with US veto power can not make Israel to comply with ICJ directive. In fact Israel has accelerated its killing of the Palestinian population in Gaza since the ICJ decision.

A positive outcome of the Gaza tragedy has been the mobilisation of masses against the injustice being perpetrated on the Palestinians, globally,  specially in the Western countries.

The apartheid, colonial and the pariah state that Israel is now affirmed and the lobbying power of international Zionism has been exposed as to how it uses its extraordinary power and money by overt and covert means and by deceit to perpetuate political and military support for the Zionist regime.

As pointed out by Malcolm Spry in his article in this issue, ‘Australian Lobby Groups damage Judaism and its followers,’ its not just Muslims, in Australia and for that matter in US, UK and Europe, but people of faith, Christians, Jews and Hindus, and people of no faith, trade union members, university students and school children who have been outraged over Israel’s genocidal killings in Gaza and Western governments complicity in these war crimes.

There are Islamic and universal values of human rights for all, justice, rule of law, fair go, empowerment of the weak and poor and all lives matter that are championed in the West and it is the role of Muslim diaspora in the West to forge alliances appealing to the conscience of people to work towards justice, harmony and peace in the world as partners.