It’s wrong it’s wrong it’s very very wrong.

How’s bombing hospitals and children, right?

How’s single-mindedly aiming for a little strip of land alright.

How’s surrounding helpless humans from all sides justified?

How’s months of terror going to fix a day’s wrongs, right?

How’s stitching up people to bomb them again alright?

Pause, humanitarian pause, what do you mean by a pause.

Tell me someone what’s wrong or right.

No way, no way, it’s never alright.

War is not the answer to make wrong right.

Stop it, stop it, stop it right NOW alright!

Ceasefire is the answer and stop the war alright!


Guess what, not raising one’s voice at times like this is not right!

Siding with atrocities- is that even right?

Grow up, look in, is your moral compass doing alright?

Stand up to unfairness if it’s all you can do.

Pray for those helpless and do what’s right!


Humanity of all sorts bleeds alike.

Men, women and kids world over are alike

Find something to do worthwhile.

War and killing shouldn’t be rife.

Think of women as sisters and wife


What can children do if there are tunnels under their playgrounds?

Why should medicos work under harsh conditions?

Why should journalists have to die?

Why should those who have to bury their dead be humble and surrender?

What do they have to lose alright?

You send them nothing.

Blow up their solar panels.

Obliterate their infrastructure wipe off their homes bury them under rubble.

Using your might is not at alright!

Does that make you feel alright?


What makes you strong, bombing the weak?

How do the allies feel abetting a crime, supporting a nation perpetrating crime,

Not listening to voices of conscience or United Nations

There’s only one narrative and that’s to wipe out Hamas.

What makes a three-year-old and his siblings fair game


Please Tell me tell me.

I don’t understand!

Please Tell me tell me.

Do you understand?

Please tell me tell me.