AMAN, an organisation dedicated to justice and human rights, wholeheartedly welcomes the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) recent indicative ruling, which unequivocally affirms there is a strong case that Israel is in violation of the Genocide Convention.
The ICJ’s decision, which includes the issuance of emergency orders, underscores the urgency of addressing this critical issue.

The ICJ bench has overwhelmingly supported South Africa’s argument regarding genocidal acts and intent, shedding light on the scale of Israel’s ongoing violence and cruelty.

It is imperative to acknowledge that the Albanese Australian Government’s continued policy of granting impunity to Israel only perpetuates violence and lawlessness, hindering the prospects of a political resolution to Israel’s unlawful occupation.

Israel’s historical disregard for international institutions and rulings necessitates a decisive response. The Albanese Government must now fulfil its legal obligations to prevent and penalise genocidal acts by taking the following steps:

  1. Supporting a UN vote to suspend Israel from the UN until cleared by the ICJ.
  2. Distancing itself from the U.S. if it uses its Security Council veto to shield Israel.
  3. Publicly condemning Israel’s attacks on Palestinians.
  4. Advocating for targeted sanctions or an arms embargo on Israel.
  5. Suspending defence cooperation, intelligence sharing, and defence industry partnerships with Israel.
  6. Introducing legislation to prohibit illegal settlement goods and services in Australia.
  7. Preventing Australian companies from involvement in illegal settlements.
  8. Recognising the State of Palestine and endorsing its full UN membership.
  9. Supporting the trial of Israeli high-ranking officials by the International Criminal Court and ensuring justice for all atrocities committed by individuals on both sides.
  10. Investigating Australians who fought with the IDF for violations of Division 268 of the Criminal Code.

The Albanese Government must act swiftly and decisively to uphold justice, protect human rights, contribute to a just and lasting resolution, and prevent the further catastrophic loss of life.