The Australian Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) clinched two prestigious awards at Mission of Hope’s Australian Muslim Achievement Awards (AMAA) on Sunday, 11 February 2024, at Albert Park, Melbourne.

Event of the Year award: The Australian Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) Inaugural National Conference received acclaim for its efforts to promote healthcare equality and highlight the contributions of Muslim medical and health professionals.

AIMA Vice Presidents Dr Omer Shareef and A/Prof Dr Habib Bhurawala received the award.

“We decided we should have the first National Medical Conference in Australia, which will drive towards reducing the gap of inequalities in healthcare. We should also project Islamic ethics, the medieval medical contribution Made by our forefathers. We need to Bring that out. We need to inform the next generation,” Dr Shareef said.

Dr Bhurawala further added, “We’ve just been around for around five years, and our members have done commendable work across Australia, especially during COVID-19, but also at other times, and many are continuing to do the tireless work, selfless work for the community. Islamic community also broader Australian society.”

Best New Community Project of the Year award: AIMA was once again honoured for its inaugural conference in Sydney, which convened more than 300 Muslim medical professionals to discuss topics at the intersection of modern medicine and Islamic ethics.

The award was received by AIMA President Dr Muhammad Afzal Kahloon and AIMA Vice President Dr Habib Bhurawala.

“with the deepest gratitude and we are really privileged and honoured to have this, and we really appreciate Muslim Achievement Award and the jury for considering us validating and recognising that some of the work as it is for the Best New Community project,” Dr Habib Bhurawala said.

Dr Kahloon further added,  “We are all working for the same cause from different angles, from different aspects. Alhamdulillah, some of us are working in the cricket grounds to remove their darkness and to stand for those who cannot stand for them, to speak for them, whose voice has been suppressed. Some of us are working in the media to put in the right perspective. The Australian Islamic Medical Association is also working to bring the true face of Islam. Our beautiful religion. We want to remove that Islamophobia. We want to make sure people see us as an asset, not as a liability.”

AIMA WA President Dr Mohammad Jehangir was awarded the ‘Man of the Year’ award for his unwavering commitment to providing essential medical services to Aboriginal communities and his tireless work in promoting interfaith harmony demonstrated the boundless potential of multicultural collaboration.

AIMA Administration Assistant Rubinah Ahmad won the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award for her volunteer work for various non-profit organisations.

Hajrah Kamran from AIMA Northern Territory was a finalist for the ‘Youth of the Year’ award for her commendable work as a leader and academic in her role as Youth Coordinator at the United Muslims of Northern Territory, where she empowers young Muslims. She advocates for youth and women’s issues, organising programs for diverse well-being.

The Australian Muslim Achievement Awards have been hosted by Mission of Hope since 2005. The AMAA is held annually to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of Australian Muslim individuals and organisations.