As we approached the end of the year, Queensland Training and Employment Services (QTES) reflected on a transformative journey marked by impactful events and initiatives aimed at empowering communities, fostering unity, and building essential skills across Queensland

Empowering Multicultural Small Businesses Workshop

QTES kicked off the year with a workshop at the Slacks Creek Mosque in Logan, QLD, focusing on empowering multicultural small businesses. Key figures, including Dr Zakaria Amin, Glenn Ayrton, Paul Bailey, and the Honorable Cameron Dick MP, shared valuable insights on government support and grants. The event celebrated resilience, diversity, and the positive impact of small businesses on the local economy.

Multicultural Career and Job Expo

The Multicultural Career and Job Expo (MCJE) held at Logan Metro Sports & Events Centre in Queensland was a significant event that showcased unity, opportunity, and growth.

Led by organisations like Queensland Training and Employment Services and Multicultural Mailer, with the support of Logan Council and other community organizations, the expo was a convergence of aspirations and a platform where dreams met reality.

With over 50 exhibitors and employers offering job opportunities, MCJE stood out for its commitment to inclusivity, providing language support and guides from different nationalities.

The event, open to everyone regardless of visa category, particularly benefited international students. The on-spot interviews provided a unique opportunity for job seekers to connect with potential employers.

The expo was not just a career fair but a celebration of unity in diversity, collaboration, and the power of collective effort, resulting in over 500 participants leaving with job prospects and a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

The networking opportunities at the expo created meaningful connections between exhibitors and employers, illustrating the exponential benefits of diverse entities converging with a shared purpose.

Skills Development Program at Toowoomba Mosque

QTES continued its efforts in skill development with a successful Skills Development Program at Toowoomba Mosque. Distinguished speakers, including Dr Zakaria Amin and industry experts, enriched the learning environment. The program’s emphasis on community unity and holistic development left a lasting impact on participants.

Logan Police Multi-faith Leadership Meeting

In collaboration with the Australian Centre for Unity, QTES actively participated in the Logan Police Multi-faith Leadership Meeting, centered around “National Child Protection Awareness.” This event echoed diverse voices, including political and multi-faith leaders, emphasizing QTES’s commitment to social issues beyond workforce development.

Brisbane South East Local Jobs Skills and Jobs Network Meeting

Closing the year on a high note, QTES played a key role in the Brisbane South East Local Jobs Skills and Jobs Network Meeting. Collaborating with professionals, community leaders, and political figures, including Paul Baily from Logan City Council, the meeting addressed workforce needs and highlighted QTES’s dedication to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

“Multicultural Affairs Queensland Delves into QTES’s Community Impact”

In a testament to the significance of Queensland Training and Employment Services (QTES) in the community, Multicultural Affairs Queensland dedicated an entire day to engaging with QTES officials and members. The in-depth discussions aimed to gain profound insights into QTES’s multifaceted activities, community impact, and its role in fostering unity and skill development across Queensland.

Their impactful initiatives have not gone unnoticed, as Multicultural Affairs Queensland has acknowledged and celebrated their efforts in a specially crafted video titled “Building Skills for Queenslanders.”

This video serves as a testament to QTES’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of Queenslanders. To witness firsthand the impact of their initiatives, you can watch the video on Multicultural Affairs Queensland YouTube Channel.  

The collaborative efforts showcased during the day highlighted the shared goal of both organizations to strengthen multiculturalism in Queensland.

The engagement fostered connections and deepened the understanding of how QTES actively contributes to building a more inclusive and vibrant community.

Conclusion: Accelerating Multiculturalism for a Better Tomorrow

As the day-long engagement between Multicultural Affairs Queensland and QTES concluded, a resounding sentiment emerged: the recognition that multiculturalism is not merely something to be accepted but a force to be embraced and accelerated.


Dr Zakaria Amin, a prominent figure in QTES, expressed a powerful perspective on the matter, stating, “We need to accelerate multiculturalism so that we can build a better world tomorrow.”

This resonates with the idea that embracing diversity and fostering multiculturalism is not just a passive acceptance but an active commitment to creating a society where differences are celebrated, understanding is deepened, and unity is strengthened.

The day of conversations and shared experiences exemplified the transformative power of multiculturalism and the importance of organizations like QTES in driving positive change within communities.

As we reflect on the discussions and interactions, it is evident that by accelerating multiculturalism, we pave the way for a more harmonious, inclusive, and prosperous future.


Dr Zakaria Amin CEO QTES