In the heart of Auburn Hospital’s bustling healthcare environment, Naglaa Sourour shines as a beacon of compassion. Recently honoured as the Volunteer of the Year at the annual Auburn Quality Awards (AQuAs), her selflessness and community engagement have made a significant impact.

The Volunteer of the Year Award recognises the significant contribution of an individual. Naglaa has been awarded for her ongoing support and advocacy for patients, carers and the community; and her innovative ideas which improve the care provided.

Naglaa Sourour, an Egyptian immigrant who arrived in Australia in 1969, carries a deep sense of community responsibility. As a mother of two and grandmother of five, her nurturing spirit finds expression through her volunteer work at Auburn Hospital. Over the years, she has actively contributed to improving the hospital’s services and creating a welcoming space for everyone seeking care.

Her dedication goes beyond tasks; Naglaa embodies active citizenship. Her genuine concern for patients and their families has transformed the hospital atmosphere into one of warmth and care. Her actions remind us that even small gestures can create a ripple of positivity.

Naglaa Sourour’s recognition as Volunteer of the Year underscores her compassion and unwavering commitment. Her journey from an immigrant to a community role model exemplifies the transformative power of selfless service. Her story inspires us all to make a difference in the lives of others.

The award ceremony was held at the State Library on 4 December 2023 , Deborah Willcox AM , acting Secretary for NSW Health presented the award.