Year in and year out we Muslims dedicate our time to activities that remind us of the beauty of Islam and the majesty of Almighty Allah. We delve in gaining knowledge of our Prophet’s (s) character and the great virtues he used to practice.

With that knowledge we endeavour to begin each new day with greater courage, resilience, patience, forgiveness, kindness, and steadfast faith in our deen. Inshallah.

The events of 2023 brought immense grief to the Muslim world and a feeling of absolute helplessness for most of us.

As we begin the Gregorian year of 2024, and count down days to the month of Ramadan, often in the hope that we will put extra efforts in the month of Ramadan to become better Muslims, my hope is to remind myself and you, dear readers, that life is shorter than we think.

Postponing our religious obligations is not going to serve us in our lives nor in our akhirah, especially in the present times when utmost dedication to our deen through prayer, pondering and understanding of the Holy Quran, and our daily actions to live as per the guidance of the Holy Quran is an absolute must.

One of the most crucial things to be mindful of every single day is our conscious and sometimes sub-conscious habit of complaining about life and forgetting to give shukr to Allah for all the daily blessings – blessings we take for granted.

Such as

  • the running water and the effortless ways in which we can turn on and off the hot water whenever we please;
  • the blessing of having electricity 24/7 to charge our gadgets and turn on the air con or fan or heater;
  • the blessing of silence in the night-time so we can sleep soundly without the frightening sounds of sirens or bombs; the peaceful twittering of birds during Fajr;
  • the provision of more than three full meals and multiple snacks each day to sustain our energies and fulfil our comfort-eating desires;
  • the comfort and convenience of reaching out and actually hugging our loved ones whenever we feel like;
  • the safety of practicing our deen without persecution, and many more blessings.

A humble reminder, then, for all of us…

As you live out your blessed moments today, if a thought or feeling of complaint crosses your mind, pause, and become self-aware that in this moment there are our Palestinian children, sisters, and brothers, in need of our duaa.

Turn whatever it is you are complaining about to a moment of realisation that Allah is keeping you safe and alive for a reason, for a greater purpose.

Spend your life in the way of Allah and to serve with gratitude. A complaint is as good as a wasted breath.

Use your breath to utter gratitude and to make duaa. Waste not your breath complaining about petty issues of duniya. Rather lace your breath with beautiful duaas and blow it on yourself and in your home.