Soon after the Saturday 7 October attack on Israel by Palestinians breaking out of Gaza, Israel’s highly sophisticated propaganda machinery with its reach into Western centres of political power, the mainstream media and its global network of lobbyists particularly in US, UK, Canada, France and Australia started building the pro-Israel narrative targeting and demonising Hamas.

Keywords of Hamas, terrorists, murderers, killers, rapists, hostage takers, baby killers, decapitators, arsonists were widely propagated in order to deflect blame from the Israeli government and the incompetence of the Israeli forces and its intelligence agencies.

Hamas was blamed for the killing of 1400 people initially that was later reduced to 1200 by break away fighters from Gaza of ‘innocent civilians’ without clearly spelling out that almost 300 killed were Israeli soldiers and the rest settlers occupying Palestinian lands and overseas workers employed by these settlers.

Some of the misinformation regarding decapitating of babies and raping of women were however later retracted together with the information that many of those killed were by the Israeli helicopter gunships, but by that time the Israeli narrative has reached a global audience, thanks to statements by Western leaders and media anchors parroting the Israeli narrative.

Once the demonisation and targeting of Hamas was achieved swiftly, the narrative “Israel has the right to defend itself” was propagated in order to justify the total pulverising of the Gaza Strip starting the next day on Sunday 8 October commencing with the tacit support of the Western governments.

At the initial stages, the supporters of Palestine celebrated the spectacular success of the militants breaking out of the high tech barrier with their crude gliders, pick up vans, motor bikes and of the shelf drones, some in their thongs and taking on the mighty Israeli high tech militarised machinery.

However later when the large number of those killed in Israel, atrocities being committed and abduction of women, children and the elderly came to light, those who supported the initial success of the militants retracted their celebratory statements.

However soon after the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, supporters of Palestine using their own limited resources started building the their own narrative of 75 years of Palestinian suffering using the key words of colonisation, occupation, oppression, siege, genocide, ethnic cleansing and ‘From river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

With the Palestinian diaspora and its supporters learning to push their side of the narrative and with further experience, hopefully they can gradually counter the well honed Israeli narrative in future in order to support the Palestinian cause more successfully.

But then, Israel and its supporters have yet another weapon up their sleeve, demonising and vilifying the supporters of Palestine who criticise Israel being anti-semites and even as supporters of terrorists.