Image: 42 Relatives, including all pictured here, were killed by Israeli airstrikes on their compound in Gaza City, Sunday 19 October.

Palestine, ‘Land of Prophets,’ has become a ‘Graveyard of Children,’ reinforcing the view this is a gross genocide by Israel. Intent is indicated by Israeli PM Netanyahu evoking, 1 Samuel 15:3 in the Bible, which called for massacring the Amalekites (non-Palestinians): “Destroy them … spare none; put them all to death, men, women, children, babes in arms, herds and flocks.” Israel’s Heritage Minister Eliyahu acknowledged that a nuclear strike on Gaza is a current option.

In a terrible replay of the Jewish WW2 holocaust, Israeli Zionists are now conducting holocaust massacres against Palestinians, who are fellow Semites (descendants of Noah’s son, Shem).

Israel’s relentless attacks till Thursday 9 November have killed over 10,569 Palestinians, predominantly civilians (41% children), with thousands more trapped under rubble. Over 70% of Gaza’s population are now displaced.

As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres highlighted, the October 7 attack “did not happen in a vacuum.”

After Israel’s most extremist right government formed in November 2022, Palestinians’ situation in occupied territories deteriorated with illegal settlement expansion, rising police actions/settler violence with apparent murders of Palestinian civilians, children and journalists, illegal use of Palestinian land, cutting water supplies, and vows to ‘annex the West Bank.’

UK, France, USA failed to pressure Israel to stop these illegal actions making them complicit.

Peaceful worshipers were repeatedly attacked inside Al-Aqsa mosque desecrated by Israeli militia over the past three years.

With the 1993-5 Oslo Accords, Israel worked tirelessly to sabotage the Two-state Solution, expanding its hegemony over ‘Greater Israel.’

Two-thirds of countries in UN General Assembly approved referring Israel’s conduct to the International Court of Justice. Palestinians have every right to defend themselves.

On Saturday 7 October, Hamas and other resistant fighters attacked decimating Israeli border forces, but allegedly killed some civilians. Israel ‘amplified’ the numbers. Many Israeli civilians were actually killed by Israeli military themselves.

The world is shocked and disgusted with the scale of Israel’s transgressions against international law, the numerous continuous war crimes and genocide actions in its massive attacks and killings directed at hospitals, schools, ambulances, journalists, bakeries, mosques and churches.

Water, food, electricity and medical supplies have been cut for weeks!

Everyone was horrified by serial Israeli bombardments of the densely-populated Jabaliya refugee camp, which killed 300 civilians in attempting to kill one or two Hamas commanders.

Head of UN’s human right office, Craig Mokhiber, who resigned last week, stated: “There is no way to view the mass killings as anything but genocide.”

Its a shame on Israel and its Western backers, including Australia.

PM Anthony Albanese, Founder of Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, abstained from the UNGA resolution for a Humanitarian Truce. Shame!

Israel treats Gaza as a concentration camp, and Palestinians like human animals, similar to genocidal treatment of indigenous Australians by colonial British who killed them in many massacres and took other measures to eradicate them.

Like Palestinians, however, they are a resilient people.

Israel’s continuous encroachment of Palestinian lands is a dishonest land grab, settler colonialism, same as oppressive British, American and French regimes imposed historically on indigenes worldwide.

Western politicians, most recently Scott Morrison, often cite the 9/11 atrocity as reason for supporting Israel.

The urgent call from the international community must be heard for an immediate ceasefire, help to all war victims, release of all political prisoners, International Criminal Court investigation of war crimes, recognition of a Palestinian state, expulsion of all illegal settlers, and handing-over of all buildings and homes in illegal settlements and resources in the occupied territories to the Palestinians.