My Muslim son, it’s now time,
to put away the video game,
and blow out the last puff from your vape.
Stop buffing and waxing your car’s exterior,
and start polishing your iron armour.
No more chips and burgers and cola,
for you must remember the stories of the Sahaba’s valour.

My Muslim son, it’s now time,
to prepare your body, mind, and spirit,
to be ready to fight the good fight.
It’s time, my boy, to begin your journey on the path of truth,
and come out of your Westernised slumber.

You are a Muslim,
not just a voter id number.
The children of Gaza weep for your help,
their martyred souls beckoning your bravery,
so why won’t you reject this organised slavery?
Student loan, home loan, car loan?
Why won’t you prepare from this moment on,
to live your prayer?
“Free the captives,
Feed the hungry,
Pay a visit to the sick.”

My Muslim son, it’s now time,
wake up and prepare.
Quieten your mind,
nourish your body,
and strengthen your spirit
by never missing a prayer.

The time is now,
my Muslim son,
to put out darkness,
with light,
so go forth now and
fight the good fight.

– Princess R Lakshman (19/11/2023)