After relentless bombings and cutting off water, fuel, food and supplies of medicines for Gaza hospitals, the Israeli army, after surrounding it for several days, raided Gaza’s largest hospital, al-Shifa terrorising staff and patients, killing almost 50 people there on the pretext of destroying Hamas command post and tunnels without showing any evidence except releasing footage of some rifles and pistols.

Hamas has rejected the Israeli and US allegations that it has the command centre at al-Shifa Hospital calling it a, “blatantly false narrative.”

Hamas also said that by echoing Israel’s false claims that it uses Gaza’s hospitals, the Biden administration is responsible for the “war crimes and genocide” being committed by Israeli forces.

It claimed that Washington is providing cover to Israel to continue with its attacks on Gaza hospitals in its aim to displace Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile Israel has increased the intensity of its bombing in the Southern part of Gaza in and around Khan Younis leading to the fear that there is an imminent ground incursion by Israeli forces now in the South where most of the Gazan population who have fled from the fighting in the north have taken refuge.

Israel had previously told Palestinians in northern Gaza to move to the south for their own safety, but the bombardment of the area has not stopped.

With heavy rains and winter setting in, Gazans crowded in bombed out residential buildings and tents are facing catastrophic conditions with diseases setting in due to the lack of proper shelter, water, food, fuel and medicines.