Is this world ever going to be peaceful?

Many young people have asked me this question. I feel that many people are losing their hope and feeling discouraged in peace efforts. When I try to encourage people to continue their peace efforts, some of them say, “Is it going to bring any good?” People have a battered feeling from their personal tragedies, or the tragedies they are witnessing that are happening all around the world. What should I answer them?

After 15 March 2019 tragedy in which I lost my wife and 50 dear friends, I reminded myself and others to maintain peace, many fellow citizens had asked me the same question, “What good will it bring?”

Yesterday my “Unity in diversity team” had set up a stall in a Fiesta to promote the message of human unity for peace. It was a busy stall with children and adults, and some adults asked me, “Is the world going to listen to the unity and peace message?” Again, I noticed frustration and hopelessness in them too. What was my answer to them?

My humble answer was, “We should ask the right question.” We should ask, “What can I do for the peace?” Or “How can I continue my peace efforts?” Peace in our minds, peace in family, peace in neighbourhoods, peace in community, peace in the country and in the world is an essential need for us for our survival.

We need peace in all levels, and still now there is more peace in this world than no peace. That is the result of the continuous efforts of peace from peace-loving people like you. Therefore, we must continue our peace efforts as a responsibility without becoming hopeless and frustrated. If we give up our peace efforts, we will allow the violence to win over us. Should we take the humiliating defeat by allowing the violence to win? We must not.

No matter what happens, or what tragedy we face, we must not lose our peace of mind. We must pray to Allah, “O Allah! Send peace and tranquillity in our hearts.”  Once we have peace in our hearts, then we should spread the rays of peace around us.

We must make efforts to reach fellow humans’ whatever way possible to build a peaceful relationship, and to build the light of peace bigger and bigger. We must not be hopeless in what is achieved but we must feel happy for what we have done for peace.

Suppose you are a small peace light, and I am another, and our families are another, then our neighbours, religious leaders, and fellow humans. If all smaller lights come together in unity for peace, then it will become a very big shining light and that will inspire more people to join in.

Therefore, we have no time to think negative, but we must direct our minds and hearts into positive direction and continue our peace efforts.